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Dor Eckstein, Fitness Coach & Fake Paid Articles




“Dor Eckstein, Nutrition and Fitness expert, owner of nutrition consulting and training company in Israel” – Bio from Paid Article

As per his Paid Interviews / Feature Articles, Doc Eckstein is the owner of a nutrition consulting and training company ( Don’t know if it has been Named or not ) and has over 9000 satisfied clients. His journey of becoming one of the renowned fitness gurus began at a very small age. He was overweight for nearly 15 years. He had slim and fit friends which made him feel jealous whenever he saw them and that’s when his jealousy turned into a mission to lose weight and look fit just like his friend. That’s how Doc changed his life and became a fitness guru.

Dor Eckstein has a promising number of clients and claims to be one of the best fitness instructors in Israel which would impress a lot of readers. But the readers aren’t aware that these articles are Self Posted, Paid, and Fake either done by him or his PR Service Provider. His skills and expertise are real but not his Interviews and Feature Articles. These articles are 100% paid and can be purchased.

When you are investing in your own Marketing through these Paid Interviews / Feature Articles, Why not flaunt it?  And he is doing well on his Social Media Handles. He was recently accused of false advertisement.


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified after doing below Paid Articles ] [ Verified after doing below Paid Articles ]


Dor Eckstein hopes to soon open new branches worldwide in America, Europe, and Asia and leave his mark on the fitness world. And this is why it is mandatory to enhance your credibility first.  And what is the best way to market yourself other than getting Featured in media outlets? Getting your articles published in some premium and semi-premium publications which is easy when you have the right contact with a PR service Provider and have a budget in $$$$. Dor has truly invested in himself and we believe it is either for Self Branding or for verification purposes.  Due to these below-paid articles, He is now verified on Facebook.

The Interviews / Feature Articles may look real and organic but they are not. These publications can be purchased from or any PR Service Provider for $50 – $100.  For Example:  Disrupt Magazine for $100 while Article on Econotimes can be purchased directly from them for $175. 

Dor-Eckstein-Paid--Article—walla!-health.ry39j38pY.html [ Article is Deleted ] [ Article Deleted ]

Many credible publications ain’t cheap and are not available on Freelancing sites,  Hence you can buy from them directly which usually  PR agencies do on clients’ behalf. The price ranges from $500 – $1000. These publications allow you to submit your own drafted content under their Brand  Content / Sponsor Content.  Dor Eckstein needs to change his content team or pay them more $$$$ in order to work on his article. His articles are repetitive and need help with grammar. It feels like he is been doing these articles just for the sake of fast-forwarding the verification process.



Getting Featured on Entrepreneur is no more difficult than it was earlier. PR Service provider can make that happen or you can directly go to and can fire Service Provider for Entrepreneur. Alternately, You can outreach to directly and can opt for Brand Content where they allow you to publish your desired content in form of an Interview / Feature Article merely for $1500. Dor Eckstein’s article by Nonexistent Contributor “John Stanly ” is a Brand Content that is Paid and Self Drafted. When you are opting for Paid Placement, then you have the leverage to glorify yourself as you want.

Entrepreneur Paid Article



We have noticed that Dor Eckstein has been mentioned in the Forbes article. Forbes magazine is a reputed publication and requires credibility to get featured there. But few Authors and contributors on Forbes offer paid services to get you featured in the article through their reliable PR agencies. Mentioning the client within the article naturally requires some great content writing skills and the Forbes Contributor “Joseph DeAcetis” really did a great job. The Author has written an article about Style and Beauty and has sneakily mentioned Dor Eckstein in the article.  Btw you can visit and buy such mentions for $1000.

Forbes Article


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