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Rick Contreras, Amazon | Listing Kings & Fake Paid Articles




“Rick Contreras is an e-commerce consultant and founder of  Listing Kings” – Bio from Fake Paid Articles.

Rick Contreras’ fabricated paid articles and featured pieces showcase his narrative of how he initiated his journey by selling various items on Amazon and eBay, eventually forging a career as an E-commerce Consultant. Some of these paid articles portray him as a top-tier e-commerce authority and advisor, assisting fellow entrepreneurs in enhancing their online businesses. We hold no doubts about his expertise, accomplishments, and skills, which are undoubtedly genuine. However, the veracity of his paid interviews and featured articles remains questionable.

In a truly skilled profession, genuine appreciation is unnecessary; the quality of one’s work should stand as its own testament. However, in the case of Rick Contreras, his self-promoted articles boast of his expertise. If you explore his website, you’ll likely come across a banner below proclaiming his media coverage as organic and real. The truth, however, presents a different picture. Paying for those articles does not mean “You have been Featured”. It means you have “Paid for “.



Seems like Paid PR Package comes with Profile Creation on Wikitia (A replica of Wikipedia ). This Profile creation takes merely $50 and you can buy this service from a service provider on –



Rick Contreras provides e-commerce services, and in the realm of sales, establishing credibility is essential. Those who offer services and possess media mentions or a verified Instagram badge carry more weight than those lacking such credentials. Interviews and feature articles are effective means of garnering credibility and validation. So, why not invest in personal branding? It’s worth noting that the interviews and feature articles associated with Rick Contreras are often labeled as branded content or published in platforms where individuals can contribute for a fee, typically ranging from $50 to $100. For instance, to appear on Yahoo News, one can simply pay $100 to Edtimes or Latestly and publish their content on Yahoo.

Many are aware of platforms like Influencive on or the availability of various spam publications (such as The American Reporter, California Herald, London Daily Post, etc.) that can be obtained for a mere $100 from There’s no reason to boast about these paid articles, and it’s evident when you see him proudly showcasing them on his social media posts as if these publications had naturally featured him.

Rick-Contreras  [ Deleted ] [ Deleted ] /

Sponsor Story is costly on USATODAY,  So entrepreneurs buying PR packages is always promised by big publications like USA TODAY. Hence you will see that these entrepreneurs who opted for Paid Articles always merged in articles like this. PR Service providers or agencies come up with their own so-called Entrepreneurs list where they club them and post in a single cost from USA TODAY. Here is the mention of Rick Contreras in the USATODAY Sponsor Story Article along with other paid entrepreneurs.


Entrepreneur India allows people to post their own content under their advertising program for $1500 under your desired author’s name. In Rick’s case, the Author ” Ajay Choudhary”  is the profile without any bio or image. This is because this profile is filled with articles that are purchased under brand content.  Also to share the cost, Entrepreneurs are usually merged in the article for merely one purpose – Social  Media  Verification without actually giving any value to the readers in terms of the article. Rick Contreras’s article is a Paid Article shared with another Entrepreneur Phillip Kramer. [ Old Article which is now deleted ]


Rick Contreras, we are looking forward to  more  of your Fake Paid Articles.


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