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Samuel Kwame Boadu & Fake Paid Articles




“Samuel Kwame Boadu, also known as SamBoad is a CEO and Founder of SamBoad Business Group LLC” – Bio from Fake Articles.

Samuel’s article speaks about his success and his achievements of him being in different working positions. Later in 2021, his firm SamBoad Business Group Limited launched another activity called SamBoad Express delving into the Food delivery business by partnering with Bolt Food which supposedly attracted, investors. This may or may not be true. But we are here to explore his effort in building his own credibility by publishing his own articles and later on boosting them as if they were organically published.

If you browse Mr. Samuel’s Facebook Timeline. You will find his Post appreciating the publication for covering him. But the Fact is that None of the Publications covered him, infact he paid for each article. These Publications are known for their Pay-to-Publish Model. This may look real and organic to laymen But this is not. It’s All Paid Articles.


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below-paid articles ]


Samuel Kwame Boadu is an entrepreneur and being into digital service understands the importance of PR and Self Branding. Hence you can see him investing in these fake paid articles. Basically, a google search on his name reveals 10 – 20 Publications which are low-quality blogs or websites developed to dump feature articles. None of them is a media outlet or credible publication other than Yahoo and IBtimes which are also Paid.

Below all Publications are spam websites where you can pay like $20 – $99 to get your article published. When you are paying for these articles then definitely you have the leverage to write anything you want.Samuel

Gifty Oware-Aboagye Self Promotion?

Browsing his Facebook Post Time, we saw something interesting. He was invited By Gifty Oware-Aboagye who is a female Ghanaian politician and currently the deputy executive director of the National Service Scheme in Ghana. To our surprise, we also found her appreciating the articles which were self-posted and Paid for. Infact the Author of one publication is the same for both of them.

For Example, Her Article on ThriveGlobal and Samuel Kwame Boadu is posted under the same Author. This clearly shows that Samuel Kwame Boadu must have pitched or gifted her these Paid Articles.

I am not sure Why a credible personality and a Government official like her have to opt for Paid PR Articles.


Hope we will find some organic feature articles about Samuel Kwame Boadu not the paid ones like above


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