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Faisal Shafique, Social Media Influencer & Fake Paid Articles




Faisal Shafique is an Instagram social media Influencer and Entrepreneur – Bio from Paid Articles

According to Faisal Shafique’s paid articles, he has been hustling from a very young age. He has this famous page on Instagram @fact which he claims to be making people get smarter and more knowledgeable. One of his paid interviews claims that Faisal Shafique has around 40 million fan bases, which is nowhere to be seen! When you are paying publications $$$$, you can claim whatever you want as they give you the liberty to self-glamourize and self-promote.

Faisal Shafique’s fake interviews and paid articles speak mainly about him being a digital media expert or about how he became a “Digital Expert” and how his page @fact has been helping people. Being in the digital media space, he is very well aware of self-branding and the importance of getting verified. Apart from enhancing his credibility, it seems that he is also looking to get himself verified.



Faisal Shafique has been in the digital industry, so he must be aware of where to buy these paid articles at a reasonable price. He is making sure that people are aware of his expertise, especially on his Instagram page. He has also claimed to be “India’s most successful digital expert” in a few of his articles. Why would any publication question this when they are getting $$$$ to publish this? You will notice Faisal Shafique’s articles in a few credible publications (DailyCaller, LA Progressive, News Max, Mercury News).

These publications publish such articles with a disclaimer under their Sponsor content and can be purchased for $800 – $999. from the publication itself.


Many of his Paid Interviews looks real and organic but they are not. This publication does not check the content and publishes the self-drafted articles submitted by the provider. Few of the publications can be purchased from Facebook PR and Guest Posting group or Publications like Disrupt Magazine, Influencive, and Kivo Daily are known for their “Pay to Publish” Model. Any articles or interviews you find on such sites are self-posted and paid. One of the examples is his Futureshark article that anyone can buy from their website itself [ ]


Faisal Shafique has got his article published twice in the same publication (OceanDrive). Such “mistakes” usually happen when the articles are paid and even publications do not care about plagiarism.


Getting published on Forbes is getting easier day by day. You ask how? Well if you have a good PR service provider with a great connection with the publication then it is possible. Since Faisal Shafique is into the digital industry, he understands the importance of opting for PR Services that can put you on, Forbes. Alternately, anyone can get on Forbes by hiring a PR Freelancer from portals like or


His article, “Achieving Instagram Growth In The Age Of AI And Algorithmic Bias” by Annie Brown is a paid PR Article. But getting your article on Forbes ain’t cheap and Faisal Shafique has spent a good $$$$ to get his article published. Btw Annie Brown, the contributor who was known to publish such paid articles has been barred from Forbes after she was exposed. 

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We look forward to more of his  Interviews and Stories which are not Paid.


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