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Exposing: Forbes Contributor Michael Alpiner’s Paid Service


on is a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle. It’s a matter of prestige and credibility if you are mentioned in the Forbes Article. Getting your business featured in Forbes opens doors for you personally, as you become known as an expert in your field.

This is now possible only if you can offer $$$ to some of the contributors who can get your dream come true. One such contributor is Michael Alpiner. Michael Alpiner also has his own Blog – Luxury Alive

Forbes contributor profile:

 Update: He is now Banned from Forbes.

Forbes Profile

Let’s Analyze his Paid Mentions camouflaged in the organic Article which looks like Non-Promotional or Non-Paid. The trick here is to keep the article in the context of the Travel niche which is his writing niche for Forbes. This is why it’s not easy for Editor to understand the paid mentions.  Just in case,  anyone feels that I am assuming. No, I am not assuming, I have sources and proof. Any Forbes Editor wants to verify then feel free to mail me.

Let’s Analyze Michael Alpiner’s Paid Article Contribution to Forbes.


Here is one article ” How To Travel With That South Beach And Miami Vibe [ ] “. Here the article is wonderful and informative. But do not miss the paid mention here. The paid mention here is about Nexus Auto Transport [ ] within the article in Naked URL anchor text.  Nexus Auto Transport’s few more paid articles can be seen on PraguePost ( approx $200 ), LeraBlog ( Link Seller selling this at $50), Baltimore Post, and a few more. Also If you are smart enough, you will find one more paid mention in the article. Try to Guess, it’s not that hard.

Paid Mention

Last but not the least, Let’s check one more feature article ” Entrepreneur Alexandre Mourreau And The Switzerland Adventure   [ ]”.  Suddenly Michael Alpiner wants to write something about Switzerland to create relevance in the article so it doesn’t look like Paid  Articles. The whole article is about Alexandre Mourreau and Switzerland. the article is wonderful but unfortunately, it is paid Article. More Paid articles of Alexandre can be googled out. One of them is CEO Spotlight that costs around $300 to get yourself featured here.

Alexandre Mourreau


There are many articles where the clients are mentioned in the form of References or Recommendations for Travel and Stay. I am sure Forbes Editor is not aware of this because the way Michael Alpiner covers his clients in the article really looks organic.

Email: Dear Michael Alpiner, [ [email protected] ] mailed us asking to remove the article claiming that he didn’t sell any paid mentions. But we all know the reality. We explained to him that we charge for the removal of articles, so kindly save the money and let the article be as it is.


Looking such  Paid  Mentions in Forbes, I really doubt the credibility of Forbes because its no more difficult now to get covered in Forbes if you have $$$

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