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James Neilson Watt, Health Coach & Fake Paid Articles




“James is a health professional and has built his own healthcare practice to more than 7-figures in just a couple of years. He is the CEO of Health Business Accelerator” – Bio from Fake Paid Articles.

His article claims that his methods have helped healthcare professionals and owners to scale up their growth by following his time-tested methods which have done wonders for the industry. This may be True or Not. Who cares? His credibility comes into the picture when we see lots of fake paid feature articles. He runs a FACEBOOK Group where he guides and mentors his healthcare business owners

When you are paying for Articles then definitely it needs to be flaunted for Credibility Enhancement.  The below banner can be seen on his Website –


SOCIAL  PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]

James Neilson Watt has wisely invested in paid articles that are self Posted. This could have been considered organic if we could have discovered his interviews and feature articles on media outlets /publications which genuinely cover the professionals. But unfortunately, all his articles are posted in publications that are known for the pay-to-publish model. There is no ticket science to understand this.

If you have $$$ to invest in self Branding through Paid Articles, then below are the idle publications where even you can also publish anything you want.



Publications such as influencive, disruptmagazine, the American reporter, tech times, and more are paid publications. The best example is Future Sharks, directly browse to this page [ ], pay $175, and get anything published. Can we really trust someone with his professional skills who get his own articles written glamorizing himself and published in various publications? Seems like James Neilson is proud of this article. [ approx $400 to get your content published here ] [ Indian Publication known for posting shit with a mere $99 ] [ Go to Fiverr & Buy it for $99 ]  [Pay $150 and  get your article posted on Latestly, then the  content syncs in  Yahoo ] [ Some random shit blogs  at $20 ] [ Some random shit blogs  at $20 ] [ $90 cost, contact  them directly ] [ Go to Fiverr & Buy it for $99 ] [ Some random shit blogs  at $20 ]  [ Some random shit blogs  at $20 ]

Dear James Neilson Watt, Why such Fake Paid Articles?


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