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Katie LaFrance, Fashion Influencer & Fake Paid Articles




“Katie LaFrance is a Former Tennis Player, Instagram influencer, and wedding coordinator at Lynette Dow Events ” – Bio from Paid Article

Katie’s digital coverage includes Paid Interviews, Success Stories, and Opinion articles that cover a wide range of topics, including destination tips, daily life advice, social media tips, and beauty. For those without a specialized skill set, her paid articles delve into general subjects, as evident in her published work. It’s not uncommon for Instagram influencers like Katie LaFrance to create their own paid posts for verification purposes. This could explain her engagement with Paid PR Services, as the Verified Badge symbolizes a notable personality or influencer. As a result, the demand for verification is steadily increasing since it offers a competitive edge. So, why not consider pursuing it?

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Articles] [ At least renew the Domain ]


As an influencer, obtaining a blue badge on your social media profile is essential. This not only boosts your credibility but also opens doors for potential brand collaborations. Wondering about the most effective path to verification? Typically, it’s media coverage that elevates someone to a notable status, a key requirement for social media verification. To achieve this, you can either become a noteworthy figure in your own right or opt for the services of a PR agency, which can facilitate your inclusion in various media outlets.

Furthermore, it’s not particularly challenging to discern that her articles are paid in nature. Some are branded posts, while others are clearly sponsored. For instance, you can find an article on VillageVoice for a price of $800, while Livemint, an Indian publication, offers a similar platform for just $200. This is precisely why one can duplicate the same content in both publications without much concern for plagiarism. It seems that as long as you’re willing to pay a substantial sum, these publications are open to publishing virtually anything you desire.


Here is more of her Fake Paid Articles


If you find yourself lacking the credibility needed to secure a spot in Forbes, there’s an alternative approach you can take, similar to what Katie LaFrance has done. With the right budget and the assistance of a proficient PR service provider, gaining recognition on Forbes becomes more attainable. Forbes Monaco, for instance, offers the option to feature your own interview, success story, or article through their Paid Program. While this commercial opportunity doesn’t come cheap, you can combine multiple features into a single article and share the cost, which amounts to $2000 – $3000. A noteworthy example of this approach can be seen in Katie LaFrance’s mention in a Forbes Monaco article.



Combining two clients within a single article is a frequently employed strategy by PR professionals to economize on expenses. Given the high costs associated with these publications, it’s a prudent approach to feature two clients in one article. However, it’s worth noting that, in the case of Katie LaFrance and similar individuals, the content itself often takes a back seat, as the primary objective is to achieve verification.
For Example – IB Times $2500 & Khaleej Times $699


Katie LaFrance Sharing Paid IBTimes Article with Crystal Stokes: –

Katie LaFrance Sharing Paid Khaleej  Times with Dr. Catherine Chang: –

We wish all the best to Katie LaFrance for her social media verification


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