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Katie LaFrance, Fashion Influencer & Fake Paid Articles




“Katie LaFrance is a Former Tennis Player and an Instagram influencer who is into fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.” – Bio from Fake Paid Article

Katie’s Paid Interviews,  Success Stories, and Opinion articles speak about destination tips or advice around daily life or Social Media Tips or Beauty.  When you do not have a skill set then you have to do paid articles around general topics which we can see in her paid articles.  It is not unusual for the Instagram influencer to publish their own paid post for purpose of verification.  This is why Katie LaFrance has posted or may be adopted Paid PR Services. A Verified Badge is a sign of a notable personality or influencer, hence the demand for getting verified is on rising because it puts you ahead in the competition. So why not opt for it?

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Finally she is verified on Instagram due to the below-Paid Articles ]


It doesn’t require rocket science to read her article and understand that it’s Paid. Some of them are BRAND Post, while some are sponsored.  An article on VillageVoice costs you $800, while the one on Livemint is an Indian Publication that you can buy for $200. This is why you can copy-paste the same article in both publications. No one cares about plagiarism. You just need to pay $$$ and they publish anything you want.


Here is more of her Fake Paid Articles


When you are not credible enough for Forbes then there is always an alternate route that you can opt like Katie LaFrance. When you have a budget to invest and the right PR Service Provider then getting featured on Forbes becomes Easy as Forbes Monaco allows you to post your own interview/success stories/feature article under their Paid Program. Since the commercial ain’t cheap then you can get merged in a single article and share the commercial for $3000. A perfect example is Katie LaFrance’s mention in this Forbes Mexico article.



Merging 2 clients in a single article is always a common method used by PR Professionals to save costs. These Publications are costly so it is always wise to club 2 clients in one Article.  Anyhow Katie LaFrance nor does anyone cares about the content because it is just posted with one purpose – Verification.


Katie LaFrance Sharing Paid IBTimes Article with Crystal Stokes: –

Katie LaFrance Sharing Paid Khaleej  Times with Dr. Catherine Chang: –

We wish all the best to Instagram fakefluencer Katie LaFrance for her social media verification and looking forward to more of her Fake paid articles.


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