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Chiara Magni, Italian Artist | Painter & Fake Paid Articles




” Chiara Magni is an Italian professional painter who lives in the north of Italy by the Garda Lake where she draws her inspiration. She specializes in the finger painting technique. ” – Bio from Fake Paid Articles.

She is really talented artist who took the Fingerpaint style and specialized in it. Magni’s works have been displayed in some fine art galleries in Italy and she sold her paintings all around the world. A Talented artist doesn’t need recognization as his / her art speaks the truth. The same we can see in Chiara Magni’s case. Few of the Publication covered Chiara Magni for her Talent. No Doubt she deserves this coverage. But unfortunately, many interview and feature articles are Fake, Paid, and Self Posted.

Before we go on discovering her paid article, we came across her Profile on EverybodyWiki & Wikitia. These sites are replicas of Wikipedia and can be created merely for $50. Atleast whoever created the EverybodyWiki’s profile atleast asks him /her to create a profile with proper full stop punctuation.


Her Painting Skills are wonderful and Real. We are not doubting her skillset but just exploring her paid articles.



Chiara Magni understands the importance of Self Branding and Paid PR Articles. You can find her appreciating all her Feature Articles on her Social Media as if they are organically covered. Her Feature / Interview  Article on below publications is Fake and Paid. For Example, You can be featured on Yahoo merely by publishing your content on Latestly for $100 while Article on Thriveglobal is Free ( Anyone can register and publish the content ).  The Same way Articles on The American Reporter, Disrupt Magazine, Influencive, and more are available for $100 – $200.

This publication can publish anything you want and basically run on the Pay to Publish Model. It doesn’t matter what credibility you have. You just need $$$.

Some of the snippets of  Chiara Magni  Social Media are below:

FB-Post Chiara Magni [ Article DELETED ]


We can also see that she has been covered in Article which is actually Entrepreneur India, not the real  US one. But don’t be surprised as the article is also Paid for and Self Posted. The Article by Rebecca Lee is 100% Paid. Basically, you can buy an article on India  Franchise for $1000. If you browse Rebecca Lee’s Entrepreneur Profile, You will see all articles under the fake profile is Paid.

We can see Chiara Magni flaunting her Paid Entrepreneur Article on Facebook as if she was really covered by the Entrepreneur. Ma’am that is the Paid article and there is no pride in such an article. Anyone can get it featured for merely $1000.

Entrepreneur-Post Chiara Magni

Hope we will find some organic feature articles about Chiara Magni not the paid ones like above.

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