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Jason Koonce, Founder OTIA Sports & Fake Paid Articles




“Jason Koonce, founder, and CEO of OTIA Sports ( One Team International agency ), an agency that helps sports card collectors and investors buy and sell their collectibles” – Bio from Paid Article.

Jason Koonce started his journey at a very young age. Watching his mother make ends for him and his sister motivated him to start his own venture. Jason as a kid had a hobby of collecting various sports cards and gradually his hobby led him to start his own business of buying and selling cards. He became a hit among dealers, agents, and even athletes who played a crucial role in building his career in this venture. Reaching a new high, Jason sold off his business at the age of 23 and ventured into Real Estate. After incurring a loss, he got back to his main business which seems a good decision. Currently closing six and seven-figure deals regularly, OTIA Sports has cemented its spot in the industry.

When you are earning a six-figure then it is mandatory to invest some $$$$ in branding and  Marketing, hence we can see him doing a lot of Fake Paid  Interviews and Feature Articles to stand out from the crowd. Looks like he is behind the blue tick! The verification badge is something that would boost his company’s credibility and his own. People would dig for the blue tick and that would definitely boost his sales. We would love to see his business grow but not at the cost of fake paid articles.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]


Jason Koonce’s story seems to be the most inspiring and motivating but it is too good to be true. You ask why? When you do fake paid articles, one can’t really believe it to be true. But we must say, he’s got an exceptional content team as his articles are very touching and inspiring. Because it’s that easy to self-brand and show off when you can make your way by paying for these publications. Most of his  Articles are with a disclaimer that clearly shows that they are paid and Fake.

These Publications can be purchased from the Publication itself for $500  – $900.  They  Post your self-drafted article under their Brand  Content.


Apart from these  Paid articles, There are many paid articles that may look organic and real but they are not. These publications are available on any  Freelancing sites such as or for $100 – $200. Looks like the Founder of OTIA Sports bought in Packages.  Jason’s PR team has done remarkable work as he is seen in a lot of publications but they didn’t notice that he has been featured in ThriveGlobal twice by two different Authors. These kinds of mistakes are normal when the articles are fake and paid.  Btw  is a Community website where anyone can register and submit their own content. [  Same Article Published by different user ] [  Same Article Published by different user ]

Jason-Koonce-Paid--Article [ Deleted ]

We would love to see his business grow but not at the cost of fake paid articles.


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