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JayQ The Legend, Artist BreakOut Music & Fake Paid Interviews




” JayQ The Legend is a  record producer, songwriter, record executive, keyboardist, musician, and sound engineer of Ghanaian origin. ” – Bio from Paid Articles.

His Fake Paid article says that JayQ The Legend has garnered and amassed immense fame and recognition. This may be true or may not but here we are to explore the paid articles that he posted in various publications to promote himself as Top Artist.



JayQ The Legend understands the importance of Paid PR and Paid  Articles.  So his actions of publishing his own paid articles in various publications are justified. Many Publications merely charge a  $$$ and you can post your own interviews/features. Publications such as, IBtimes, and TechTimes allow anyone to post their own interview and articles under their paid article section. You will find him flaunting Jpost Article in his Instagram story as if he is featured organically. This is Paid Post that anyone can do by paying the publication $500 – $800.


You can do a lot of Feature Articles around yourself if you have $$$. So it’s all about investing in Paid Articles and getting yourself promoted in Digital World. Anything you read about him may or may not be true as all of them are paid articles and you have the leverage to write anything you want.

Below are more Paid Articles about him.

JayQ Artist

He is also an inspiration to many others who wants to promote themselves by paying to the publications.


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