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Joel Kaplan, Agency Lab & Fake Paid Articles




” Joel Kaplan is the CEO of Agency Lab and Founder of Atlas Digital.” – Bio from Paid Articles

Joel Kaplan himself being into Digital service selling understands the importance of getting featured in various publications. This is why Joel Kaplan has opted for paid articles. This increases his credibility and also serves as a sample of his media mentions while pitching to clients. His paid article shares his struggle in life and how he become successful from a failed startup to a successful agency. We really appreciate the hard work that has enabled him to be successful. But when you are posting your own paid articles, the achievements seem a little difficult to trust.  Additionally, a google search on his service takes out too many comments of people not satisfied with his service. Some of the screenshots are below.

If you visit his funnel website  –, you will find below a banner claiming to be featured ( removed now ).  Seriously? Instead of writing “Featured in“,  it should be “Paid for”  because all of them are Paid articles that you can easily buy if you have $$$.

His services claim that he can get guaranteed leads for Agency. Just curious, why not use the strategy for your own lead generation?

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below-paid articles ] [ Inactive ]


Joel Kaplan believes in taking action and hence we can see a lot of achievements under his sleeves. Few of them are like launching a business and making his first $1 million at an early age.  That is really great and inspiring. He can be seen on his social media sharing videos on various topics like entrepreneurship, agency scaling, tik tok agency program,  lead generation, etc. Eventually, the end result of this content is to portray him as an expert or convince the viewer to opt for his program.

He and his programs need some feature/interview articles so that he can use them for marketing collateral, this is why we can see he has invested a lot in Fake paid articles that you can buy from either publications directly or from freelancing sites such as Fiverr, or PeoplePerHour. [ This is a community Post, anyone can register and post here ] [ $50 spam publication available on ] [ Some random spam publication ]


Getting featured in top-tier publications organically requires you to have a lot of credibility. If you are not fit for any of these publications, then sponsoring/paid articles is the best way. With few $$$$ you can be on this publication without anyone knowing that it’s paid article. But this publication does not come cheap and may put a hole in your pocket. So why not share the cost with another entrepreneur who is desperate to get featured in this publication?

Below is an example of a shared sponsor article that is 100% Fake and Paid.

Entrepreneur India allows you to post any content under their sponsor program which costs you $1500. This is why you will find all of the feature articles in Entrepreneur India only not in the Entrepreneur US Version. Bun Bydaway and Joel Kaplan seem to share the cost for the Entrepreneur paid article. The article posted under the profile “Shishir Jajoo ” is paid. This is why the author’s profile is incomplete and you will find all sponsor articles in this profile.


IB times offer paid articles on Ibtimes  Indian and  Singapore versions but the UK version is on the higher side so it is a wise decision to share the space in paid articles with someone to divide the cost. And eventually, the ultimate aim is to get featured so that it can be used for Social media verification or for branding. So why not feature someone in sharing Ibtimes UK placement with another entrepreneur Jaiden Vu who is also on the same journey as yours ( Paid ARTICLE Journey ) and can be purchased at $1000 – $1200?

Joel Kaplan on FORBES. How?

Don’t be surprised if Joel Kaplan is on Forbes as it is paid sponsor article posted under Forbes Monaco. If you are not credible enough to get featured on  Forbes  USA,  so why not on some other version of  Forbes where you can pay and easily get featured? Forbes Monaco allows you to post any content under the Brand voice.  So basically it only requires you to have $$$$, nothing else. And when you are mentoring people about 7-figure agency earnings then it’s good to have a Forbes article so that you can show them your greatness that is covered in Forbes. Forbes Monaco cost $3000 and you directly purchase from them.

I hope with these Fake and  Paid articles,  he at least gets verified. We look forward to some real feature/interview articles,  instead of just Sponsored and Paid.


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