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Johnny Gunawan, Hartanah Group & Fake Paid Interviews




“Johny Gunawan is a financial expert and  Coach. He is the CEO of Hartanah Group and  Happ Fund. Johny Gunawan achieved the youngest certified Master Trainer” –  Bio from Paid Articles

Johny Gunawan paid articles to speak about him being an expert in the Financial niche helping people to create wealth. Since all the articles are paid, you have the leverage to portray yourself whatever you want. These articles are self-drafted and then posted below publications. Maybe he was doing this for Self Branding or for Verification. Then who doesn’t want to promote this Paid Article on Social MEDIA as an Expert?




Being a Coach and Mentor, it’s necessary to have some Self Branding for Marketing and PR Purpose.  At the same time, having a verified badge adds to your credibility. This is why we see him doing a lot of Paid articles. These articles range from $100  – $250 Dollars and can be purchased from any PR Service Provider or through

Johnny-Gunawan-Paid--Article [Latest – Newly added – See the Author of Disrupt Magazine, it’s the same here. ] [Latest – Newly added ]

Johnny Gunawan on Wealth & Finance Expert List. How?

Our attention came to light when we saw Johnny Gunawan mention in the Yahoo Paid Article done by Boost Media. Boost Media dumps lots of entrepreneurs in a round-up article for Yahoo Articles. Who doesn’t know about this being Paid Articles? Basically, A list of entrepreneurs is created charging them $200 – $300 to get listed in the article and it is then published on Press Release Services from where it gets pushes to Yahoo News and Yahoo Finance. We have covered this in this article.


With time, we will find a lot of his Paid articles. At this moment, Boost Media Agency is doing his Paid Articles as a lot of his articles are published the Lewis Schenk, and who doesn’t know he is famous to dump any entrepreneurs on any publication who pays him $$$$. We are sure that any article that speaks about Johnny Gunawan is Paid and now we are doubting his credibility. Anyway, he got $$$$ then he can feature himself on a lot of publications. Stay tuned to catch more of his paid articles.

We now look forward to more of his Paid Articles.

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