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Johnwick Nathan, Harbor Behavioral Health & Fake Paid Articles.




” Johnwick Nathan is a 27-year-old American entrepreneur and  President at Harbor Behavioral Health Inc. ” – Bio from Paid Articles.

Johnwick Nathan certainly came from humble beginnings, was born in a small town in Haiti, and walked through this life struggle to become a  successful Entrepreneur.  His  Paid Article speaks about How Johnwick Nathan couldn’t have gotten where he is today without following the path he followed.  He wanted to share the secrets to his success and hence he launched the book titled “12 Principles Of Soulful Success”. His paid article also revolves around Harbor Health Integrated Care, a healthcare-providing clinic based in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

When you are successful then you need some promotion and exposure too. This is why we can see a lot of Fake Paid  Articles by Johnwick Nathan.  His  Life and  Struggle Journey may be real but definitely not the below Articles which are 100% Sponsor and Paid. If you browse his  Personal  Website – [ Inactive now ]


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Deleted Now ] [ Inactive now ]


It is clear that immense efforts were taken by JohnWick Nathan to ensure that Harbor Health could grow and expand.  One of the ways he opted to promote himself and  Harbor Behavioral Health is through Feature / Interview Articles. When you consider yourself successful and the owner of a multi-million dollar company, then it is a wise decision to invest a few $$$$ in self Promotion. Johnwick Nathan may deny this article being paid but how about asking the  Service Provider from whom he opted for the service?

This Articles may look Organic and Real but they are not. These Publications are known for PR Articles where anyone publishes their own  Article for $100 – $500.   For Example, An Article on CEO World can be bought directly by them for $350, while an article on Influencive costs you $100, Ritzherald for $100, etc on Fiverr or PeoplePerHour.



Johnwick Nathan Forbes  Article by Rebecca Suhrawardi is 100% Paid. Johnwick Nathan may feel that this is Organic but the PR Service Provider knows the truth.  Rebecca Suhrawardi Forbes Profile is filled with many Entrepreneurs who are Paid. Johnwick Nathan being Entrepreneur and having many achievements under his  Sleeve can be covered for his Entrepreneur journey. But why he was under the topic of Clothes? This is Because Rebecca Suhrawardi covers Style and Beauty and when you are writing an article for someone then definitely she has to create relevancy with her niche writing ( Forbes column ) and the paid client.  So here comes the Topic “One To Watch: Johnwick Nathan On Why Clothes Make The Man, Especially When Black” which looks  Real, Relevant to her Forbes  Column, and non-detectable to Forbes  Editor.

Forbes Paid Article –


Johnwick Nathan really deserves to be on Media  Outlets but not through Paid Means.


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