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Jon Paramore, The Smash Co | GTW & Fake Paid Articles




“Jon Paramore is a business coach, CEO of The Smash Co, Founder of GTW, Motivational speaker, and author of the book – Fail Your Ass Off (A Loser’s Guide to Winning)” – Bio from Paid Article

As per his Fake Paid articles, Jon Paramore had a career shift from marketing professional to contracting then to coaching and consulting business.  The hands-on experience has enabled Jon Paramore to provide different consulting programs to help kickstart an entrepreneur’s productivity, from high business to mental toughness consulting.  Most of his articles are inspiring and motivational. But after knowing about the paid articles, his interviews and feature articles seem not so inspirational and motivating.

We are here not doubting his credibility or skillset, but his way of promoting himself through fake sponsor / paid articles.  These paid media mentions / paid interviews may enhance his credibility more and at the same time, it helped him to get verified on  Facebook.

SOCIAL  PRESENCE: [ Verified after doing below-Paid Articles ]


Given Jon Paramore’s experience with training business leaders to become better individuals, his advice is worth following so are his fake paid articles. When you are coaching professionals, you yourself need some branding and credibility. And what could have been better than getting covered in  Media Outlets? Jon Paramore, CEO of The SMASH Co, Speaker, and Author of the renowned Fail Your Ass Off (A Loser’s Guide to Winning) firmly believes that he is very direct (i.e., blunt) when it comes to a person or organization which is really a good trait and at the same time “Thinking out of the Box” is his expertise which he has wisely used to market himself through is below paid interviews.

The majority of his  Paid  Articles are posted as Sponsor / Brand  Content where he can see sharing insights and advice.  Publications like Flaunt, Village  Voice,  MercuryNews, and many more offer anyone to publish their interview or Feature article for $$$$.


Below are more Interview / Feature Articles that may look real and organic but they are not.  These publications can be purchased from freelancing sites like for $50  – $100.  Basically, you have to give your own content and they publish anything as long you pay them.Jon-Paramore-Paid--Article


Jon Paramore has shared an article with another entrepreneur. Why would he do that? To make an impact on these aspiring entrepreneurs with a fellow entrepreneur? No way. The Commercial of Sponsor interviews/feature articles are costly, hence PR  agency club 2  clients together to save the cost. Can we really believe some insights or advice that is just merely written by some random content writer and published just for namesake in the name of PR?


An Article in IB Times UK costs $2000,  so it’s a wise decision to share the spot.

IB Times UK Paid Article

Somer Set Live Paid Article with Jaiden Vu

Hope to read real articles of Jon Paramore that will inspire young and upcoming entrepreneurs.


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