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Exposing: Jose Aristimuno VIP Media Solutions – Top 10 List Scams



Jose Aristimuño is a political strategist and American television personality, in Washington, D.C., and President and Founder of PR agency – VIP MEDIA. ” – Digital Media.

VIP MEDIA is a hybrid PR agency. Their diverse client base includes top-class entrepreneurs, public figures, influencers, and celebrities.  Are you a Client of his PR Package that comes at different tempting prices like $297,  $99, and such?  And which never runs out of stock even though you will see ”  Limited  Spot”  all the time in his Instagrams  Stories? If Yes, then you not have been featured but published on all low-quality websites which have 0 value in terms of traffic and authority. Jose Aristimuno created Fancy Location-Based WordPress websites like “New York Finance”, “Houston Weekly” and such to dump the interviews. Those websites themselves lack traffic and credibility

He is a Reseller of press release service through AccessWire. He claims that he can feature you on Yahoo, Fox, ABC, and CBS and will make you god damn famous. How? Just by using the Press Release service of Access Wire  [ ] which actually costs you $379 and you are on Yahoo and its aggregator network.

Most of the publications that he sells are part of PBN which is farmed for publishing articles. You can identify the paid publications easily – Copy Past the Article Title and find it on other networks.

You must have seen him selling Round up articles opportunity in his Instagram Handle like  ” 10 Entrepreneurs to follow, 10 Agency, 10 Stupid things, etc ” in which he rounds up all buyers in a single article and publishes it to Yahoo, Fox network using the Press Release service of AccessWire which cost approx $350 – $400 which he eventually stopped because AccessWire no more allows such articles now.

You can see the details of his Service at this URL. The Publication that he has in his services with the discounted price does not even cost 50% of the price he has listed. Let’s Analyze his Silver Media PACKAGE – NBC, CBS FOX. Seriously? That does not cost more than $60 on

Silver Media Package: Get featured on 4-6 media publications: NBC, CBS, FOX, CHICAGO WEEKLY + 2 BONUS SITES for PRICE: $997.00 ($2000 VALUE!) –

Gold Media Package: Get featured on 8-10 media publications such as NBC, CBS, FOX, THRIVE, X MARKETING, NEW LEVEL NEWS, CHICAGO WEEKLY, NY FINANCE, and much more.

VIP Media Package: Get featured in 15-20 media publications such as YAHOO FINANCE, NBC, CBS, FOX, THRIVE, X MARKETING, NEW LEVELS, CHICAGO WEEKLY, NY FINANCE, CALIFORNIA HERALD, DISRUPT MAGAZINE, and much more.

He developed some WordPress-based websites – and ( A basic poor authority site that has WordPress installed and is just content dumping a self-made website. )

Just in case, you want to see what paid articles he did, Just Google out using this Email – “” You will find a lot of AccessWire Press Release articles.

Some of the EXAMPLES: – You will find these articles on Yahoo Verticals, Fox, NBC, and CBS

Just save your Money and Directly buy Press Release Package and get famous by yourself – Yahoo, Fox, NBC & CBS

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