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Kamil Misztal, Luxury Rentals & Fake Paid Articles



Kamil Misztal

“Kamil Misztal is the self-claimed entrepreneur and millionaire. He is also an owner of a Car Rental Company, Crypto Investor, and THC/CBD brand.” – Bio from Paid Articles

Based on Kamil Misztal’s paid interviews and feature articles, you will realize that he has reached the top with immense hard work and dedication. He was hustling from a young age to support himself and his family. Soon he was introduced to a whole new industry – a car detailing shop which helped him build a successful car rental business in Florida. Along with this, he also started THC/CBD business with social media influencers and rappers. He believes that building connections have helped him grow his business. He was recently arrested on interstate pot trafficking, and gun possession charges by Fed and later released on $100k  Bail.

Well, you happen to read all the success stories because Kamil Misztal has been paying $$$$ to get his articles published. Yes, you read it right. His struggles and achievements are true, but definitely, not his below interviews, success, and feature articles are paid. When you are a self-made millionaire and an icon of inspiration to thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs, you need to have some credibility too. What could have been the best way other than getting featured in publications and media outlets which can also get you verified?

Kamil Misztal has invested a lot in Paid interviews and success stories which you can buy for $50 – $999 either for Verification or Self Branding. And why not use it to market yourself? We can see him flaunting paid mentions on his Social Media [ ] as if those are Real and Organic.


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to Paid Articles ] [ Verified due to Paid Articles ] [ You can create this for $50 ]


Kamil Misztal, the owner of a high-profile car rental company i94exotics, has worked hard to build this business and it’s applaudable. But his stunt to do paid interviews and success stories is something out of the box. He did have the purpose of doing below-paid articles, but we believe it also helped him to use them for marketing collaterals. Getting featured in some publications only require you to have a decent budget and contact with a PR Service Provider who can draft a number of articles for you and publish them. Most of the Publications are just spam websites that are known for dumping articles and can be bought from freelancing sites like or for $50 – $100.


A few of his articles are also published in credible publications which are posted with a disclaimer. These publications allow anyone to post their success stories for $800 – $1000. Since you have the liberty to submit your content then why not glamorize your business which can be seen in the below articles?  Publications like Flaunt, DailyCaller, Mercury News, Village Voice, and Haute Living support verification too.



Sharing articles has become a very common method among entrepreneurs and founders. Such practices are done to either save a few $$$ or to get your name in the title in some of the premium publications. Just like Kamil Misztal, he is seen sharing two articles with different entrepreneurs. One article is published in IBTimes UK and another one in Forbes Monaco. Getting featured in IBTimes or Forbes Monaco ain’t cheap but has helped Kamil Misztal in the process of verification. Spending all that $$$ has proved to be fruitful.  Btw Forbes Monaco allows you to post any content for $3000 under their Brand Voice.


IB TIMES Sharing Paid Placement with Zhi Ko

Forbes Monaco Sharing Paid Placement with Matthias Aumann


Successful Entrepreneur With Multiple Businesses also needs promotions and exposure. This is why it is worth investing in some Top Tier Publications such as USA TODAY.  Kamil Misztal mentioned in USA TODAY article”Check out top 5 Entrepreneurs absolutely winning”  is Paid and Fake. The article includes 5 Entrepreneurs who were basically clubbed together to save the commercial of sponsor content. The entrepreneurs in the list are those who paid to get listed in the article. Anything you read in this article is self-drafted and posted.



There are no shortcuts to success but there is for Verification.


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