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Kaye Bassey, Beauty Fashion & Fake Paid Articles




“Kaye Bassey is a Los Angeles-based Fashion/ beauty influencer and a Content Creator. ” – Bio from Paid Articles.

Her paid article says that she wants to help people to use their downtime during the pandemic for self-improvement, rather than to indulge in the radical news outlets that seek to politicize the pandemic for their benefit. She believes her content with being critical in helping her audience lead a happier and more fulfilling life. This is may or may not be true. But who cares?  We are here to expose the Paid Article that she did to promote herself in various publications.

It becomes difficult to believe someone who pays publications to get their own article published.  Basically, this gives you the privilege to publish anything you want. We can see her desperation in getting verified and hence all the below articles.



Kaye Bassey’s article can be seen in many of the publications as  Sponsor or Brand  Content which clearly means that it is paid. Moreover Who doesn’t know about Jpost, Flaunt, Techtimes Sponsor Content? Like you pay around $300 to $700 and can get any content published. Here it’s all about $$$, not your credibility or expertise.  Seems like she was looking to get verified with this article which eventually didn’t happen.

Surprisingly, Her paid articles can be seen on TechBullion which is a Crypto Based Publications. Atleast she should select the publication as per Niche rather than posting paid articles on random sites.


Here is the list of Articles, she paid to get herself Featured. [ Sponsor Content  ]  [ Sponsor Content] [ Sponsor Content] [ Sponsor Content]

Due to Kaye’s hard work and consistent approach we will see more of her Paid  Article in near Future.


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