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Kevin Beutler, BaliBeachBoyz NFT & Fake Paid Articles




“Kevin Beutler, a bodybuilder, Founder of BaliBeachBoyz NFT, Crypto Enthusiast, and online business professional” – Bio from Paid Article

Kevin Beutler’s paid articles state that he has always been an ambitious and very determined person. He started working on construction sites but wanted more in life. He started his bodybuilding journey and there was no stopping for him. He also went on to pursue a career in economics and finance. Alongside, he also got hands-on experience in digital media. With in-depth knowledge about sales and marketing, Kevin Beutler also mastered the art of earning good income through digital media.

Kevin Beutler’s Struggle, Skills, and Achievements may be Real but not in his below interviews/feature articles. Those are 100% Self Drafted, Fake, and Paid that is available on freelancing sites like or This is done either for Self Branding or Credibility Enhancement. All of his  Paid Interviews,  Opinion  Based  Articles, and Success  Stories revolve around Fitness & Digital or Blockchain. He was also part of MarketPeak which turned out to be a Ponzi scam – Reddit Post.

Currently, we can see him promoting and marketing his newly launched NFT – BaliBeachBoyz NFT. The NFT project seems promising but how sustainable is this project? So does it have enough resources to distribute to Nft owners? As we can see Most projects are now abandoned in the middle of their operations due to a lack of sustainability and incapacity to support expansion in a market that is wildly shifting. How will the BaliBeachBoyz NFT project be able to deal with market fluctuations in an efficient manner? This is our own opinion and as a smart investor “Do not rush to grab the project right away, you still need to see what will happen to the first investors!”

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to Paid Articles below ]


Kevin Beutler’s Recent paid interviews / Feature Article speaks about Blockchain, finance, and insights in regards to its usage and adoption while his paid PR article speaks about Fitness and Digital. All of the below-paid articles have helped him to achieve the blue Tick. Since he has got the blue tick on his Instagram profile, he has gained credibility and authenticity among his followers. It has become easier to sell his services or program to his clients based on his credibility but they have no clue about his paid fake interviews and feature articles.

Anyone can publish their own interviews/opinion articles/feature articles on below publication for merely $50 – $100. So anything you read in this article is just self-drafted. Maybe Kevin Beutler hired some PR agency to do so and the content writer did so well.


Having a thorough knowledge of digital marketing, Kevin Beutler has recognized the importance of Paid Articles. Hence we can see him doing a lot of Paid Interviews and Fake Articles. This has helped him get verified on Instagram and gain credibility among his followers. Being a digital entrepreneur, Keven Beutler is well aware of where to buy these paid articles services.

You can notice him in Publications like Flaunt, Khaleej Times, Village Voice, etc, which allows you to publish articles under Sponsored Content for $800-$999. So nothing great about these interviews and success stories.


Getting featured on premium articles like, DailyCaller, and IBTimes UK needs credibility but it has become easier now if you can spend enough $$$$. These publications also allow you to publish your own content under their sponsor content.  Below publications ain’t cheap so it’s a common method of the PR industry to share the commercial merging 2 clients in a single article. None one actually cares about relevancy. The ultimate aim is to get featured for the purpose of verification.  The below articles are Fake and Paid too.


Paid Entrepreneur Article with Alois Köhle:

Paid Daily Caller Article with Suhit Amin:

Paid  Ib Times UK Article with Jack  Pullen:

So far all Articles of Kevin Beutler are Fake and Paid. We hope to find some Real one in near future.


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