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Kyle Dendy Media PR Scam & Fake Paid Interviews




” Kyle Dendy is a Speaker, Entrepreneur, PR Service Provider, and founder of Dendy Ventures / Dendy Media. He also runs PR Services where he claims to feature anyone on Fox,  CBS, and NBC” – Online Bio from Paid Articles.

Kyle Dendy himself being into PR services recognizes the significance of self-branding and media coverage in PR, making it prudent to establish credibility through media exposure before offering PR services; this coverage can serve as a valuable sample when pitching PR services to clients. t’s important to clarify that we’re not questioning Kyle Dendy’s credibility; this article primarily discusses how he promotes himself by publishing fabricated articles and why many people view his $97/$299 Feature Article Service as a scam. We have collected some reviews of his services from the Internet too.

SOCIAL  PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below-paid articles ] [ Verified – But Badge removed recently ]


Have you encountered a social media ad claiming “Get Featured in Fox, CBS, and NBC in 24 hours or Less”? This ad allows anyone to publish their interview on these networks for $97, accompanied by numerous testimonials discussing increased sales and speaking opportunities; however, these biased testimonials are easy to discern, making it appear intriguing at first glance but far from genuine. Let’s delve into why.

BTW Don’t get carried away by the Call to Action ” 80% off in Price“. Infact the price of $97 is already costly, You can get this in $20 – $40 on

Dendy Media

People unaware of the reality assume that these articles on Fox, CBS, and NBC are genuine and share them on Facebook without realizing they are introduced with Dendy’s call to action “By Dendy Media,” concluding with “This interview was conducted by Dendy Media. To be considered for their next story, click here,” linking back to his own site; it raises the question of whether individuals are unwittingly promoting Dendy Media and generating leads for him through the articles they share on social media. Also Articles are no -index in nature that means it is not searchable through search engine on article site or google.

How does Dendy Media’s $97  offer work?
– Through Facebook /  Instagram ads, you land up on Dendy Media Sales Page [ ] which does not work now.
– You will get the fixed question that everyone gets and the client has to answer.
– The same interview will be published in all 3 Publications under the below category. [ It is now deleted ] [ It is now deleted ] [ It is now deleted ] 

Now let’s come to the Facts.
1. This are not the actual FOX [ ] , CBS [ ] & NBC [ ] sites. These are the affiliate sites of this network, not the Actual sites.
2. The interview/feature article is posted with “Sponsored: Advertising Content” ( Disclaimer) which anyone can guess is Paid.
3. Every article has fixed questions and the same format. Check Interview 1, Interview 2, and Interview 3. [ Article Deleted now ]
4. His ads claim that this article can also help you to get verified which is not true. This is a disclaimer/sponsor article that doesn’t help in verification.

Dendy Media Social Media Verification

PRO TIPS:  You can buy these types of Articles from FIVERR.COM max for $49

After his Fox, NBC, and CBS Scam is exposed, he now sells a bunch of Spam websites in name of Media Coverage.


When you are offering PR Services and want people to trust you for your services then it is advisable to have feature articles as samples. So why not publish your own article? This can help to show as a sample and at the same time contributes to the verification. Kyle Dendy’s interview and online article are perfect examples of paid feature articles. A lot of articles about Kyle Dendy are Paid which you can buy easily.

For Example, Mid Day Article is Brand Content, and it’s an Indian Publication that you can get for $100 – $150. Another example is Haute Living ( which comes approx $600 ) and JPost which comes for $700. Let’s not forget the way he flaunts that he and his client has been featured in Yahoo Finance which anyone can do by using the PR Service of AccessWire.


A few of his articles are posted under a fake author profile which is his own account. Check the Author Profile of Thrive Global [] and Disrupt Magazine [ ] which are the same and you will find Thriveglobal & Disrupt feature article under this fake accounts of his own.

Some Indian  Publications where you can pay $100 and publish anything you want. Basically, these are sponsored articles.

Below are some self-posted articles by Kyle Dendy which are Paid and Brand Content. These are available on for $400 – $999.


One of the articles on, published by Kyle Dendy, claimed, “I spent a great amount of time building relationships with journalists and today have the contacts of thousands of writers at the world’s biggest publications like Forbes, The New York Times, Success Magazine, and more.” However, the credibility of this statement is questionable, given that it only requires a budget of $3k to $5k to be featured on Forbes which Kyle himself offers.

Dendy’s Forbes article, published by Tommy Williams, was a paid placement and has since been deleted. It’s worth noting that Forbes Contributor Tommy Williams’ authorship on Forbes was suspended due to his paid publishing practices on the platform.


Hope we will find some organic article about Kyle Dendy in near future.


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