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Attorney David Yerushalmi, Law Firm & Fake Paid Interviews




David Yerushalmi is an Injury Lawyer from LA and owner of Yerushalmi Law Firm, a law firm that specializes in influencer injuries says his own Paid Articles.

His own Fake Paid Article claims that David Yerushalmi has the fastest-growing law firm in the U.S. This is difficult to digest as it’s paid article, hence you are free to write anything you want. With the rise of PR and Personal Branding, Attorney David Yerushalmi of Yerushalmi Law Firm knows how to increase exposure and credibility with paid articles in various Publications.

It’s funny to see someone flaunting on Facebook for appreciating interviews/feature articles which he himself Paid to Post for Verification. Those are Paid Articles and there is nothing to pride on.


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified after  doing Paid Articles ]


Every Business requires Branding and  Promotion. So it’s no different for David Yerushalmi and his Law Firm too. Getting Featured in various publications may help him to attract some clients or may be useful for Verification. So his action of opting for Paid Article is justified.

For example, Let’s check out his article. Who doesn’t know about Jpost sponsor articles which cost you around $600 – $800 followed by Yahoo Article of Latestly. You just need to pay the Publications and you can write anything you want about yourself.

Attorney-David-YerushalmiThe List of own Posted paid articles goes on. Here are some more fake paid articles.


David Yerushalmi’s article on Forbes Monaco is Sponsor / Paid Article that can be bought for $3000 from Forbes Monaco. Getting Featured in Forbes is not a  cakewalk so it’s better to invest and get featured wherever possible. Even though it’s Forbes Monaco, Still part of Forbes. Seems like David Yerushalmi is heavily investing in his own PR Articles. And when you are paying for the article then you can call your Firm the ” Fastest Growing International Law Firm”.

We hope to see more of his Paid Articles in the coming Future.


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