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Lenin Perez, Entrepreneur or Fake Paid Articles?




“Lenin Perez is a Venezuelan businessman and entrepreneur who claims to be involved in multiple businesses such as seafood, music industry, real estate, and ecommerce business.” – Bio from Paid Articles

Lenin Perez’s paid Interview / Feature article portrays him to be successful at an early age and explains how he continues to grow because of his ability to be fiercely independent and his great tendency to learn.   None of his fake paid articles inspires or motivates as it is written to glamorize him as a successful  Entrepreneur. Nor it clearly shows his forte and expertise in any niche.

Lenin Perez can be seen promoting and appreciating so-called media outlets below fake paid articles on his Instagram as if they are organic.  When you have invested $$$ then making PRESS highlight is a  wise decision. [ ].  The snippet of Lenin Perez’s appreciation of these fake paid articles can be seen below. [  Seriously?  Did you get the opportunity to share some valuable information on Yahoo Finance / News? or its  Paid ] [ Seriously? The List  itself  is Fake and Paid on some random website  ]


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below paid Articles ]


When you claim to be successful, then it is necessary to invest some $$$ in Self-branding and put forward your success story to the crowd.  What could have been the best option other than interview/feature articles? In order to get featured in credible media outlets, you also need some credibility. If not then you can always opt to go for a paid route where publications just publish anything you want.  This is why you can see the same article on many of the so-called spam websites.

All of Lenin Perez’s articles that you see in 100% Fake and  Paid.  Basically, his articles are on those websites which are just WordPress spam websites and have no credibility at all. Looks like he purchased VIP Media’s PR Package which sells a set of so-called spam websites in form of PR Services for $199 / $297 /  $399.  Other publication such as  Vents  Magazine, and Disrupt Magazine comes for $15 – $50  from 



Lenin Perez is proud of being featured in so-called  Fox, CBS & NBC  and hence can be seen sharing it on  Instagram [ ].  Hope Mr.Lenin Perez is aware that these articles are not part of the Fox, CBS & NBC networks but only affiliate websites that PR Agency sells in the name of  Fox, CBS & NBC media. This can be purchased from Fiverr for $50 only – Buy from here.  You need to give your own content and this content is submitted through a PR  distribution network of Frankly Media putting articles on their affiliates.


The Article published on the so-called Fox,  CBS, and NBC networks has no value other than using their logos for Branding. It lacks  Traffic and Exposure. Some of them don’t even get indexed in Google. The article stays there for a few weeks and it is then Deleted. This is a Scam that many entrepreneurs do not know. [ Deleted ] [ Deleted ] [ Deleted ]


Article on  Yahoo  Finance / News is not hard when you have $$$.  It takes only $399 to get featured on Yahoo Finance through Access Wire [ PR Services ]  and if the budget is low then $150 to get on Yahoo Finance / News through The article has no credibility as anyone can publish it. Basically, you can draft your own success story and publish it here.

Alternatively,  you can go to  and search for Yahoo Finance.  You will find a dozen freelancers selling Yahoo Finance for $$$.

Hope we find Lenin Perez’s real interview on real media outlets.

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