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Loic Savage, Fake Social Media Influencer & Paid Articles




“Ivan Loic Ngadjui also known as Loic Savage or Mr. The Process is a self-claimed Social Media Influencer and an Entrepreneur” – Bio from Paid Articles

As per the Paid Articles, Loic Savage is a multi-talented businessman who has several shops on Shopify, an e-commerce online platform that provides online stores for entrepreneurs, and at same, he claims to be a social media influencer. He is planning to establish his own company soon. Being surrounded by businessmen and entrepreneurs has helped him realize that he is not built for 9-5 jobs. His social media presence has made him an influential personality on Instagram where he shares his entrepreneurial life.

In order to convince his followers and the world, it is obvious that he needs to build an online reputation. And what could have been the best way to do so other than publishing your own success stories and interviews? This is why we can see a lot of his Paid STORIES floating in Google Search that can be purchased for $50 – $150 from or any PR Freelancers.



Ivan Loic Ngadjui’s life journey, the struggle may be real but definitely not his below-published Interviews and Success Story. The below publications are 100% paid and his main motive seems like he wants to get the blue tick beside his profile. He has invested good money in self-branding and is seen sharing his story with publications that allow you to publish your own content under sponsored content.

Publications like Flaunt, Village Voice, Mercury News allow you to publish your articles for $800-$999.

Loic-Savage-Sponsor-PaidMost of Loic Savage’s paid interviews and fake articles have a repetitive storyline. It seems like his content team didn’t have any professional title or expertise to write for him. You can also notice his articles are on Publications that are basically for spam and are cheap. You will also notice most of his articles have mentioned that “Loic Savage is a multi-talented businessman”.  Yes, You can mention anything you like since you are paying for those articles. Also, when you are investing $$$ in self-branding then why not brag about yourself in these articles. Also, most publications don’t care about the content when the articles are paid  and can be purchased  for $10 -$50

“Mr. The Process” Sharing Spot in PAID ARTICLE:

You will also notice Loic Savage sharing an article with another entrepreneur. It may seem that two inspiring entrepreneurs are sharing their experience and expertise with the readers but in reality, it is done to save a few $$$. Times of Isreal is not a cheap publication hence it is wiser to share the commercial of paid Publishing.

Hope we could see some Real Interviews and Stories instead of this Paid Fake Articles

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