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Lukas Tsimopoulos, Visionary Blueprint & Fake Paid Articles




“Lukas Tsimopoulos is a young entrepreneur, founder of Visionary Blueprint making a six-figure at the age of 20” – Bio from Paid Article.

Lukas Tsimopoulos’s paid article shares his life and business journey where he started with a small-time eBay business to a six-figure-a-month business.  In his fake paid article, he says that early age experience has enabled him to understand the ins and out of the Dropshipping Business which he monetized later under the Program of “Visionary Blueprint”. It is assumed that Blueprint helps to guide entrepreneurs with dropshipping business. He can be seen selling this blueprint as a life-changing program.

Are you fascinated by his Photoshop e-commerce sales figure? Please don’t be. Those aren’t Real. Someone making millions won’t waste time on Instagram stories selling courses. That’s the fact of Life.  Also, we are curious when you share  $$$$ screenshots of your dropshipping revenue in your Instagram post and stories then why not rinse and repeat your own strategy and keep making millions instead of desperately selling courses? Also, many of them reported him and his course fraud which may be or may not be true. His course comes with a money-back guarantee which is basically non-existent. Beware !!

When you are selling blueprints for others then it’s obvious that you need to have some credibility for yourself first. And this is why you can see Lukas Tsimopoulos opting for Fake Paid Articles.  These paid articles have really helped him to stand out from the crowd and also helped him to achieve verified Status on Social Media. When you have spent so much on your Fake Paid Article, then why not use them for Branding? He is doing well on his Website – [ ]Lukas-Tsimopoulos-Featured-in

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified After Below Paid Articles ] [ Verified After Below Paid Articles ]


Lukas Tsimopoulos paid article claims that he has developed 6 figure business so it’s a wise decision to invest some part of $$$$ in paid feature articles.  One of the paid articles claims that his 80 thousand followers on Instagram are all now inspired to work hard and take off like him thanks to his posts and direct messaging|.  Seriously? He rather inspiring, he is just selling his dropshipping blueprint.

Hope his followers are not carried away by his Fake Paid Articles that he is proud of sharing in his  Instagram Story Highlights [ ].

Lukas-Tsimopoulos-InstagramMost of his paid feature and interview articles are the same with a few twists here and there in the title.  For Example, the same article is published twice with 2 different titles is published on “”. When the article is paid then such a mess do happens.

Below are some more publications that are known for “Pay to Publish”. Basically, you can submit your article and they publish without verifying any facts.  It’s all about $$$  and anyone can get featured in the below publications. These publications are available to purchase from any freelancing site such as  or

For Examples Disrupt Magazine $100, Influencive $100,  The American  Reporter $100, and More.

Want to read more about how Lukas Tsimopoulos do shady tactics to sell his courses? Read the detailed review of him and his courses by the Ecommerce Course reviews website.

Successful Entrepreneurs do not require Paid  Feature Articles. Hope we find some real interviews rather than fake paid ones.


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