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Marcus Blandin : Coach | Author | Speaker & Fake Paid Articles




“Marcus Blandin is the Entrepreneur, Business consultants, Wealth Coach, Author and the founder of Millionaires International and Wealthy Mindset University.” – Bio from Paid Articles

Marcus Blandin started his career at a very young age. Coming from a modest home, Marcus had big dreams which inspired him to begin his entrepreneurial journey at a young age. He has been coaching and educating people about how to build wealth and become successful. He is the founder of Millionaires International ™ and Wealthy Mindset University. In addition to this, Marcus has been awarded as two-time #1 best-selling author of “Good Credit is Cool Great Credit is Sexy” and “Monetize Your Motivation”. Blandin’s key interest is giving back as much knowledge as possible to help more people who will contribute to society back.

Having learned so much about Marcus Blandin, anyone would be impressed by his extensive knowledge. And to make people aware of his caliber, Marcus Blandin and his PR team have done fake paid articles in various Publications. Marcus has verified his social media accounts through these Fake Paid Articles (the verification process becomes easier when there is brand mention in various Publications) which has enhanced his credibility and authenticity.  All of his articles that are found in Google are 100% Fake and Paid.

We can see below the “As  Seen on” Banner on his Website  [ ] as if he is really featured in those media outlets.  We really like to see his  USA TOday, INC, or Entrepreneur Coverage that he mentioned on his website.  Is he really covered by those outlets or just Hoax?


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to Below Paid Articles ]


Most of Marcus Blandin’s interviews and feature articles are paid and Sponsored with a disclaimer. Since articles are paid, this gives leverage to draft your own content glamorizing whatever you want. His paid articles are really inspiring and motivating where he can be seen giving advice but eventually, those are nowhere written by him or actually he means it. Those are written for the sole purpose –  Self Branding and Verification.  In one of his paid articles, he says that “You need to step outside of your shell”  and he really did out of the box to promote himself through below-paid articles.

Publications like DailyCaller, MercuryNews,  Jpost can be purchased directly from them or through any PR Agency for $700  – $999.


Below are a few more interviews/feature articles floating around google that look real and organic.  But these are also Fake and Paid. These publications are available for $50 – $100 from Freelancing Sites such as


You can see Author, Marcus Blandin’s feature articles in African publications. These publications are spam websites that are cheap if bought in packages. His PR team has done a remarkable job at keeping him in various Publications but failed to notice that he has been featured in Village Voice twice! Seems like Paid  Article on Village Voice is Cheap.

When it’s all about Paid Articles, then PR is not complete without adding Indian Publications under the Profile. These Indian Publications are very common who are looking to do social media verification.  So it’s worth the investment in Indian Publications. Publications like Mid Day and Deccan Herald cost $150.

Marcus Blandin Sharing Spot with  Other Entrepreneurs:

We have also noticed that the founder of Millionaires International and Wealthy Mindset University, Marcus Blandin has been published along with another entrepreneur in a few publications. Such articles seem to be motivational and inspiring to the reader but the exact purpose to publish such kinds of articles is to split the cost because the publications have a bigger budget. Advises and Tips in this article mean nothing. They are just written for namesake.


Marcus Blandin’s Ibtimes Paid  Article  with Ron Earley:

Marcus Blandin’s Paid Article with Francis Volpe:

Marcus Blandin is an asset to every business owner that he coaches or company that he consultants which is very true but his fake PR stunt has got us thinking about his credibility.

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