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Marty Evan Jacobs, Astra Media & Fake Paid Articles




“Marty Evan Jacobs is an Entrepreneur and Writer. He is a co-founder of Astra Strategies and Columbia Marketing & Management, a media, and public relations firm.” – Bio from Paid Articles.

With a strong desire to write and share stories, Marty Jacobs developed a media company, and being in the Digital Media niche understands the importance of getting featured in media outlets. Also when your paid articles increase your credibility and at the same time help you to verify then Why not? His Paid Article portrays him as an expert in Social media management and Brand Development which may or may not be true. But when you see a lot of Sponsor and Paid articles than his expertise and credibility are a matter of question.

Marty Evan Jacobs also flaunt these articles on his Instagram Highlights thanking the publications which are now deleted [ ] as if those were the Real Articles. Common, Those are Paid & Fake. A snapshot is shared below.

Marty Jacobs Instagram



Marty Jacobs himself is Writer and PR Service Provider,  so it’s obvious he is very well-versed with Paid Articles and their benefits.  His  Profile on Disrupt Magazine where he covered a few individuals in the name of Promotion clearly shows that he also provides  Paid articles. So why not use it for himself to Get Verified?  Also when you offer Services related to Forbes Featuring,  Verification, Wikipedia  Page creation, and Influencer Marketing through his so-called Company  “AstraMedia“, then you need to have some case study for your client to show. Then why not Feature yourself or get yourself verified and use it as  Samples for Pitching?

First of all,  Is the company AstraMedia even exist, or some imaginary company selling Services? The website looks so suspicious and incomplete.  Instead of spending $$$  on the below Fake Paid  Articles,  he should invest in some website development.

We can see his  Articles Posted in Times of Israel,   Flaunt, DailyCaller, Village  Voice under Sponsor/brand Content which you can buy for $500 – $1500. When you are paying for getting featured then you have a free hand to portray as yourself Expert or Ace in Digital  Marketing. And you doing this well.


Apart from the above-paid sponsor articles, there are many more articles that may look organic and real but they are also Fake and Paid. Many of the articles are copy-pasted in multiple publications.  Credible publications do not accept plagiarized but these publications can post anything as long you pay them their publishing Fee. These publications can be bought from and for $50 – $100.


Some more African spam  $10 – $15 Publications to post copy-paste articles.


The article on IBTimes UK  is costly so like others  Marty Jacobs also can be seen in Paid article sharing spot with another Entrepreneur David Kang. Both wanna-be Entrepreneurs have a common goal  “Getting Verified” So it’s a wise decision to share the seat on the same ride.

IB  Times UK shard with David Kang –


Hope he really  get  covered in  some Media rather than all this Paid Articles.


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