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Maxim Ivanchuk, Plastic Surgeon & Fake Paid Articles




Maxim Ivanchuk, the founder of Maxim Ivanchuk Plastic Surgery Clinic, is an innovator who has patented some procedures – Bio from Paid Articles

Maxim Ivanchuk’s fake interviews and paid feature article describe him as one of the best plastic surgeons in the world. His article also claims that he has one-of-a-kind procedures that he has patented and can be performed only by him. He is seen promoting this procedure in all of his articles. He also explains the dos and donts of his techniques and the benefits of it in these paid articles which are surely not written or read by him but solely published for PR purposes and can be purchased from any PR Service provider. The sole purpose of doing these articles is to promote his business for which he has spent a big $$$$.

His  Instagram has collections of before-after results along with the paid articles that he showcased in Instagram highlights.  His expertise and achievements may be Real but not the below interviews and feature articles that he flaunts in his social media highlights.




Maxim Ivanchuk has got his articles published in semi-premium and premium Publications and when there’s money involved, one can write whatever you feel like and no publication will care about the copy-pasted content or plagiarism. Maxim has published most of his articles that support social media verification in order to get the blue tick on his profile. This blue tick will enhance his credibility and authenticity among his clients and readers. Hence, Maxim has strategically published his articles in order to get verified.

A lot of his Interview and Feature Articles are published in publications that are known for “Sponsored posts”.  This article comes  with a disclaimer which  is easy to understand  that those are Paid  and do not give any value to the reader. 

Maxim Ivanchuk Paid Article


When you are not credible enough to get featured on  USATODAY.  Then  you can  always  get featured using the sponsored post. Paid publishing  gives you liberty to  position yourself as whatever you like. Paid article on USATODAY  cost $3000. Hope Maxim Ivanchuk is  aware that  USATODAY sponsored content does not contribute to Social Media  Verification.



Getting featured on forbes monaco  only takes $3000. Just submit your own article and they publish your article under their advertising option  “Brand Voice”.  The Article  does not provide any value to readers  and is published merely for  Verification  Purpose.


Other than one or Two,  All  of  his  Interviews  and  Feature Articles  are Paid.


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