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Michael Bievetski, Bievetski Consulting & Fake Paid Articles




“Michael Bievetski is Moscow-born entrepreneur, investor, and businessman from Dubai and CEO of Bievetski Consulting” – Bio from  Paid Articles

To summarize overall,  Micheal Bievetski started his career as a banker but soon he realized that he was born to be an Entrepreneur. He started his journey by launching an automobile and lifestyle magazine, where he got to work with top-notch automobile companies followed by his career change as founder & CEO of Bievetski Consultancy. His consultancy focuses on promoting SMEs to adopt digital change.

Michael Bievetski has gained digital expertise from years of entrepreneurial experience and several venture investments. Hence he understands how important it is to market himself and his business. You need to have credibility first before you sell something to your client and network. `So what is better than promoting yourself through Sponsor and Fake Interviews / Articles? His Expertise and Struggle are Real but not the below interviews and success stories.

No Doubt that these Paid Articles were done for Social Media Verification which he eventually achieved. This is why we can see him pasting all the paid interviews and success stories on his Facebook profile before applying for verification.


So anything you write about him through these articles is 100% Fake, Self Posted & Paid which are bought in a Package.

SOCIAL  PRESENCE: [ Verified after Paid Articles ] [ Verified after Paid Articles ]


Micheal Bievetski’s paid articles speak about his early life struggle, his determination, and his willingness to accomplish his dreams. As heart-touching as it seems, Micheal Bievetski’s story may not be as promising as it depicts! Why? Because the paid articles give you the liberty to write anything you feel. Also, his articles are so repetitive that we feel he should hire a new content writer.

Michael Bievetski spends most of his time brokering deals and networking with the right people. Can these right people be from PR Agency or Media Publications?  May be !! Most of his articles are posted with a disclaimer that clearly states that his feature article and interviews are Paid. Basically,  anyone can post their article glamorizing whatever you can by paying the publications for $$$$.

For Example, DailyCaller and VillageVoice can be purchased for $800 – $999 from the Publication itself.


We are not surprised to see his fake articles in a few Indian publications also. These Indian Publications are known for “Pay to Publish”. These Indian Publications can be purchased for $100 – $200 from Facebook  PR Group. You can find many sellers in this group offering these publications. They can publish any content you want. So anything you read about Mr.Michael Bievetski on Indian Publications is Fake and Paid.

Below are more of his Paid Articles that may look organic and real. The articles are inspiring and motivating but unfortunately, those are nothing but poorly written by a content writer just drafted to Post in this publication.  Many of these articles are copy-pasted in many other publications.

These Publications are available on and for $50 – $200.


Looks like LA Progressive Publication is either Cheap or Michael Bievetski, CEO of Bievetski Consulting has a good connection with them. Because anything can be published in the same publication and that too twice.


You will also find Micheal Bievetski in a shared article where he is featured along with another entrepreneur about whom we have already published. Shared articles are usually done when the cost of the article is not affordable. IB Times UK  is not a cheap publication. So it’s wise to share the commercial.

IB Times UK Paid  Article with Jon  Paramore


Good Marketing is not all about Paid Articles. We like to see some real  Interviews too.


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