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Mike Swigunski | Forbes Contributor offering Paid PR?




Forbes, Inc. is an American media and publishing company that publishes twice weekly and covers stories and articles about world business and finance. Forbes articles are considered credible sources of information and are considered one of the favorite publications in the PR and SEO industry.

Getting featured in Forbes helps in boosting brand awareness and SEO purposes. It also enhances credibility and increases exposure. Forbes articles have organic reach and somehow help in verifying Social Media Profiles. That’s how Forbes helps Entrepreneurs, Founders, and Businesses once they are published in the publication.

But getting featured on Forbes is not that easy. There are ways to reach out to Forbes reporters and contributors. The most traditional approach is social media or organic outreach and pitching a profile which is a lengthy process But it is the most effective way to get featured on Forbes. Another shortcut approach to getting featured in Forbes is through a PR agency. These PR agencies have good relations with contributors and work on certain monetary compensation. These contributors deny the allegation but being in the PR industry, we all know the dark side.

Mike Swigunski [ ] is one such contributor who is into offering Paid PR articles on Forbes. Mike Swigunski is a self-proclaimed bestselling author and founder of [ ]. Mike Swigunski offers PR services to get featured on Forbes for  $5000 – $10000. 

Current Status: Banned by Forbes


Having great knowledge about online business, he is very much aware of the importance and value of featuring someone in his column. Among his contributor profile, Mike Swigunski has featured a lot of entrepreneurs and CEOs missing his authorship. He has smartly featured them in such a way that it looks organic but they are not. This is the reason most people do not trust the Forbes article.

Just in case any EDITOR of Forbes wants to contact me for the Proof then please get in touch. 

Merging Clients in a Single Article:

This is an old PR technique to club multiple clients in a single article in the form of a Quote or Comment. This is what it is called Brand Mention or CEO Mention in PR Industry / SEO Link Selling.  For example – The mention of  Matt Diggity with a Backlink to the Diggity Marketing Website and Clayton Johson from THE HOTH is a paid mention.

Mike Swigunski Merging Client

Jonathan Jadali’s Feature Article, CEO of Ascend Agency

Jonathan himself is into PR and offers Forbes Feature Services. Looks like we found Mike Swigunski’s PR agency. Feature articles are always around the client and this is a perfect example of a paid feature article.


Nick Rogers Feature Article

Nick Rogers is the founder of Business Driven Dream and Pvsted Media, a Marketing Agency. We have already covered his paid article placements on our website.


The List of Paid Articles on Forbes by him can go on…


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