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Mike Swigunski, Forbes Contributor offers Paid Forbes Coverage?




Forbes articles are considered credible sources of information and are considered one of the favorite publications in the PR and SEO industry. Having your brand mentioned in Forbes is beneficial for SEO and brand recognition. It also raises exposure and lends credibility. Articles from Forbes carry weightage and also supports social media profiles. That’s how Forbes helps Entrepreneurs, Founders, and Businesses.

It’s not that simple to get covered on Forbes, though. Reaching out to reporters and contributors at Forbes is possible. The most conventional strategy involves pitching a profile to the Forbes contributor, which is a time-consuming procedure. However, it’s the best method for getting highlighted on Forbes. Using a PR agency is another quick shortcut way to get on Forbes. These PR agencies operate on a set monetary payout and maintain positive relationships with these contributors. Although these contributors deny such accusation, those of us in the PR field are aware of its darker aspects.

This email screenshot illustrates how Mike uses email marketing to sell his Forbes services.

Forbes Michael Swigunski

One such contributor whom we have tracked and offers services related to Forbes Feature article is Mike Swigunski. He is the creator of and a self-described bestselling author. He offers Forbes Feature services ranging from $5000 to $10000.

Having a background in online business, he understands the significance and worth of spotlighting someone in his Forbes piece. In a non-promotional manner, Mike has highlighted numerous CEOs and entrepreneurs under his column. He has cleverly included them so that, despite not being natural, it appears that way.  In the unlikely event that a Forbes editor would like to get in touch with me regarding the proof, do so.

Current Status: Banned by Forbes


Merging Clients in a Single Article:

An old PR trick to cut publishing costs is to include several clients into a single piece as a Quote or Comment. When compared to feature articles, these remarks are typically less expensive. One f such example can be seen here. For example – The mention of  Matt Diggity with a Backlink to the Diggity Marketing Website and Clayton Johnson from THE HOTH is a paid mention.

Mike Swigunski Merging Client

Jonathan Jadali’s Feature Article, CEO of Ascend Agency

As a PR professional, Jonathan provides Forbes Feature Services. It appears that we have located Mike Swigunski’s PR firm. This is an excellent illustration of a sponsored feature piece. Feature articles are always focused on the client.


Nick Rogers Feature Article

Nick Rogers is the creator of Pvsted Media, a marketing agency, and Business Driven Dream. He and his many paid PR pieces have already been covered by us.


The List of Paid Articles on Forbes by him can go on…


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