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Model Aarya Jadhav | Adriana Aarya & Fake Paid Articles




“Aarya Jadhav alias Adriana Aarya is a medical professional from Pune and also a model, actor, and also a fitness enthusiast.” – Bio from Fake Paid Articles.

Her fake paid articles explain her life timeline from a professional job to a full-time fashion model and her life’s journey working under various organizations and locations. This Indian girl after changing her name to Adriana Aarya is now doing good in Modeling and has grabbed a lot of wonderful projects says his paid articles. This could have been convincing if those articles were organically published. But unfortunately, the below articles are Fake self-posted which you can easily buy for $50 – $100. These Publications are sold in Packages from PR Service Provider.

A few days ago she was promoting her IMDB Profile on Insta which is either deleted or has the wrong URL – Btw  IMDB Profile can be created for merely $50.  So this is also paid. Now she has changed her Bio after this Article.




Changed to


Definitely, she is a hard-working enthusiast. Her life journey can be read from her paid articles.  Her article speaks a lot about successful projects she has worked on and more to come. But can we believe someone whose articles are self-posted?  We found all of her articles are published with $$$, especially on publications known for pay to publish model.


Basically, you can pay  $50 and get anything posted about yourself. It doesn’t matter what credibility you have. We found below articles that are fake and self-posted to glamorize herself.  For EXAMPLE, A paid article in Hindustan Times will cost you $150 While $50 on Influencive, and so on.

We now look forward to more of her Paid Articles.


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