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Model Aarya Jadhav | Adriana Aarya & Fake Paid Articles




“Aarya Jadhav alias Adriana Aarya is a medical professional turned model and a fitness enthusiast.” – Bio from Fake Paid Articles.

Her fabricated paid articles construct a narrative of her life, charting a trajectory from a professional job to a full-time fashion model, detailing her experiences with diverse organizations and in various locations. According to these paid sponsored articles, this Indian girl, now known as Adriana Aarya, has successfully established herself in the modeling industry, securing numerous impressive projects. However, the credibility of these claims is undermined by the fact that the articles were not organically published; rather, they are deceptive, self-posted pieces that can be purchased for a mere $50 to $100. These articles are part of packages offered by PR service providers, raising doubts about the authenticity of the portrayed achievements.

Just a few days ago, she was actively promoting her IMDB profile on Instagram, but upon checking, it appears to be either deleted or linked to the wrong URL: It’s worth noting that an IMDB profile can be created for as little as $50, raising suspicions about the authenticity of her claims. Interestingly, she has since altered her bio following the publication of this article.




Undoubtedly, she is a dedicated enthusiast with a strong work ethic. Her life story is detailed in her paid articles, highlighting successful projects she has undertaken and those on the horizon. However, the credibility of someone who self-posts their articles is questionable. Upon investigation, we discovered that all her interview & feature articles are paid & sponsored, published particularly on platforms recognized for their pay-to-publish model.


In essence, for a fee of $50, anyone can have content posted about themselves, regardless of their credibility. We’ve come across several articles that have been falsified and self-posted, seemingly to enhance her image. For instance, publishing a paid article in Hindustan Times requires $150, whereas it costs $50 on platforms like Influencive, and similar pricing structures apply elsewhere.

We anticipate the release of more articles from her in the future.


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