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Mohammad Jasem Alwazzan, Photographer & Fake Paid Articles




Mohammad Jasem Alwazzan, Photographer, Influencer, Social Media Marketer and founder of MJAlwazzan Studio – Bio from Paid Articles

According to the Paid Articles, Mohammad Jasem Alwazzan is a well-renowned photographer who founded MJAlwazzan Studio in Kuwait. He started photography in 1996 and since then, his work has taken him all around the world. He is known for his food photography and travel photography. He also takes up events of small businesses and grand openings. Since the pandemic, he turned his focus to Instagram management and content creation.

He has a successful profession both as a photographer and as a content creator which he has conveyed through his paid interview. Being a content creator he felt the need for paid articles to put forward his story. Through fake success stories, feature articles, and interviews, he has enhanced his credibility and got his Instagram and Facebook verified. When you want to stand ahead of your competition then investing in self-branding is worth every penny which he has done wisely. His Life story may be Real but definitely not the below articles which are 100% Fake, Paid, and Sponsored either done by him or his PR agency.

Apart from below paid articles, creating profiles on IMDB [ ] or Wikitia [  ] becomes mandatory when you want to get verified. This can be created for $50 from any Freelancer on or

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to Below Paid Articles ] [ Verified due to Below Paid Articles ]


Mohammad Jasem Alwazzan has been featured in many publications which are known for their “Pay to Publish” Model under advertising and brand content. In this publication, you have the liberty to write anything about yourself and they will publish it. Hence, you will notice most of his articles are similar. Seems like Mohammad Jasem Alwazzan or his PR service provider doesn’t have a great content team. He claims that his flourishing career is an inspiration to many budding artists. That’s really great. Hope his Fake Paid ARTICLE too becomes an inspiration to other photographers for self-promotion.

Here is a list of Success Stories / Interviews published on random publications which are just spam websites and you will find the same content spun and pasted in this publication. This website can be bought from any Freelancer on for $50 – $100. Anything you read about him is just the work of a Content Writer.


Apart from the above spam interviews and success stories, Mohammad Jasem Alwazzan also can be seen in some credible publications where getting featured organically is not his cup of tea. Hence opting for their brand content remains the only option where they charge you around $500 – $999 [ depends on publications to publications ] and allow you to post your own interviews/success stories with a disclaimer. Anyone can contact the publications directly and pay them to get featured. Mohammad Jasem Alwazzan may deny of this but he should ask him PR Service Providers. Hope he is self-aware that this is just paid to publish articles instead of Organic.


Sharing Spot with Another Entrepreneur:

Mohammad Jasem Alwazzan is also seen sharing an article with a fellow entrepreneur Edikan Adiakpan. Getting your article published in a publication like IBTimes UK needs $$$$. So it is preferable to share the commercial. The article  is poorly written which is just written merely for publishing,

We look forward more of his  Fake Paid Articles

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