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Mokhtar Jabli, The Nightfall Group & Fake Paid Articles




“Mokhtar “MJ” Jabli is a Real estate investor, Entrepreneur, and founder & CEO of The Nightfall Group” – Bio from Paid Articles

Mokhtar Jabli’s paid feature interviews and success stories revolve around his company and his struggle story. Coming from an economically weak background, Mokhtar Jabli has come a long way. His company “The Nightfall Group” was founded when he started to rent his house to support himself financially. When it became a huge success and changed his life forever.  Mokhtar Jabli has an inspiring success story that is worth reading and can motivate others. What is the use of achievements and success if it is not put forward to the masses or cannot be used for Personal Branding? Hence we can see that Mokhtar Jabli invested $$$$ on personal and Company PR through paid interviews and success stories.

We are not doubting his Expertise and Sucess. Infact his achievements, skills, and struggles are real but not below interviews and feature articles.

And when you are a successful entrepreneur ( as claimed by the paid articles ) then why not invest in Paid Articles? These paid interviews and success stories not only help to enhance credibility but also supports social media verification. And also can be used for marketing collaterals. For Example, using them for “As Seen on” or “Media Coverage” on the website [ ].




Mokhtar Jabli, Founder of The Nightfall Group has tons of articles written about him. With contacts, he has bagged a great PR service provider who has been keeping him in the news. They have featured him and populated google search with incredible articles which have helped enhance his online reputation. Most of his Paid interviews and success stories are published under Brand Content or Sponsor Content which comes with a Disclaimer which is obvious to understand that those are paid articles.

These Publications (Liverpool Herald, Disrupt Magazine, Daily Caller, Live Mint) publish your self-drafted articles for $800 – $999 and can be purchased directly. Through these paid articles, Mokhtar Jabli has made sure that the readers are well aware of his business. He has a whole article written about a high-end party organized in one of his rental properties. Also when the placement is paid then you have the liberty to write anything you want. Hence anything you read in the below articles is Self Drafted and Paid.


Below are Some Random spam WordPress publications too who themselves don’t have credibility and merely take $5 – $25 to publish any content you provide to them.


Most of his articles are motivational lessons that he himself must not be aware of it in the first place. Those paid articles are purely written by a content writer and do not give value to the readers and are merely written for one purpose – Verification. Also, some publications seem favorite to Mokhtar’s PR Service provider or Cheap because multiple articles are published in the same publications.  These publications can be purchased from any Freelancer sites such as or for $50 – $200. You just have to give your own content and they publish it without validating any claims or editorial review. Many of the articles were deleted after this  article  was published. [ Deleted ] [ Deleted ] [ Deleted ] [ Deleted ] [ Deleted ] [ Deleted ] [ Deleted ]


Getting featured on is easier if you can shell out $$$$. allows anyone to publish their own interview or feature article under their brand content section under any desired author name you want. Mokhtar Jabali’s article, “How To Manage Some Of the Most Luxurious Properties In the World. Hear From the Expert” by John Stanly is paid Entrepreneur India brand content. There’s nothing to brag about the entrepreneur article when it all takes $1500 – $2000 to publish the article.

Entrepreneur Article –



Getting Featured on Forbes USA requires credibility or someone has to be notable person because the editorial review of the Forbes USA is very strict. Nor Forbes USA offers any advertising option to publish your own content under Brand Content. However, Forbes does have different regional versions such as Forbes Italy, Forbes Monaco, Forbes Spain, Forbes France, and Forbes India. These regional Forbes versions allow anyone to publish their own interview of feature articles under their paid option and  can  be directly purchased by them. For example, Forbes Monaco charges $3000 to publish your Article.   This is why we can see most of the entrepreneur’s interviews or success stories are published in regional versions instead of Forbes USA.

Mokhtar Jabli has spent a lot of $$$$ to make sure that he is published in all versions of Forbes wherever the paid option is available.  In short, with a decent budget, anyone can get featured on Forbes regional version and who really cares whether its Forbes USA or Forbes Italy? The below Forbes Article The Nightfall Group’s CEO  – Mokhtar Jabli is 100% and Self Drafted.


We look forward to see more of his Paid Interviews  and Success  Stories.


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