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Nick Deflorio, Onyx Forex Trading & His Fake Paid Articles




” Nick Deflorio is a founder of e-learning platform called ” Onyx Forex Trading”.” – Bio from Fake Paid Articles

Nick Deflorio’s article speaks about his change over in career from real estate to full-time trading in forex. He considered himself so expert that he started the trading course “Onyx Forex “to teach and guide people in generating passive income through trading. Everything here seems good until we read his fake paid self-posted articles.

He being in the digital world understands the importance of PR and Self Branding. Hence we can see he has posted a lot of fake paid Interviews and Feature Articles here and there. This article speaks about his journey and Onyx Forex on how it can benefit others. Well Honestly, when someone promotes himself with fake self-posted articles then it is really difficult to believe his credibility.

A Google search will also take you to many reviews where you will find people tagging him as a ripper/scammer. We are no one to judge anyone scammer. But looks like he has mix reputation. Anyway, we are here to expose his fake paid articles only. Probably these fake self-posted articles are just to lure more clients or probably he may be showing these articles to convince his new clients that he has been covered due to his expertise.

Don’t get carried away by his paid articles which may look organic. But this isn’t True. All the below Articles are Fake and Paid. 

SOCIAL  PRESENCE: [ Wanna be Wikipedia page ]


Nick Deflorio or his Program Onyx Forex Trading is covered in publications such as  FutureShark,  The American  Reporter, Influencive and more. All below Publication are known for spamming features and interview articles for merely $50 – $200. You can publish anything about yourself because those all are paid.  None of the feature articles of Nick Deflorio is organically published.

For Example, Future Shark can be purchased  here –

Nick-Deflorio-Paid-Articles [ You get  this for $50 on ]

Nick Deflorio Founder of Onyx Forex Trading on How?

BTW  the best Investment is the Entrepreneur India article by Rebecca Lee ( Which is a fake profile ). Basically, an Article on Entrepreneur India can be bought legally from Entrepreneur India Franchise for merely $1500 under any name you want. This is why you see him on Entrepreneur India, not in the USA.


Part of Fortune spend on buying Indian Publication Paid Post:

We tracked him doing paid posts on a few of the Indian Publications as well. These Indian Publications are freely available to publish anything for $150 to $250. Here are some of his fake paid posts on Indian Publications. Looks like he is doing these articles to get verified.–founder–mentor—public-figure.html

We hope to see real media articles covering him rather than these fake paid articles.

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