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Nick Kozmin, Growth Consultant | & Fake Paid Articles




“Nick Kozmin is the founder of helping Entrepreneurs to scale their business income.” – Bio from Paid Articles

As per his Fake paid articles, Nick Kozmin is a Growth Consultant and he has built his company from $0 to $13m in just 2.5 years without any external capital or funding.  Also as per his Instagram stories and paid articles, Being GC is a life-changing career. It seems that He has good experience in sales and marketing strategy, hence he used his expertise to help tech company to overcome challenges related to the launching and sale of their product. A google search on his name gives out mixed reviews of and Nick Kozmin. Some call it a Scam or some call it worth the penny, we are no one to judge it. We are here to just explore his Fake paid post that he did to promote himself or probably for verification.

Looking at his experience and credibility, this may be true but when we see a lot of paid articles then it’s difficult to digest the claims. All of his articles are PAID and FAKE.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to paid  Articles ]


When you are offering a $$$$ services. It’s necessary to put it to the masses and do some marketing about it. And what is the best way to market it other than feature articles or interviews? Nick Kozmin understands the importance of online presence and self-branding and this is why you will see he has opted for paid articles to promote himself and his company.

A Google search on his name “Nick Kozmin” will reveal a lot of the Sponsor / Brand Content that anyone can buy. This publication charges you anywhere around $600 – $800 and publishes whatever you give to them. This being a sponsored post, you have the leverage to write anything you want. Some of the publications are Times of Israel, HauteLiving, VillageVoice, etc.


As promotion methods are changing, it has become essential to embrace the concept of Paid Articles. It is not a surprise to see  Nick Kozmin’s paid article in some Indian Publications. As we all know Indian  Publications are known for their Pay to Publish  Model. They are cheaper and believed to be part of Social media verification.  These Indian publications have zero credibility as they publish anything you want. You can buy Mid Day for $150, DNA for $100, and Zee news for $200.

Here are a few more Publications where we found  Fake paid articles by Nick Kozmin. This may look natural and organic but they are not.  They are 100% Fake & Paid. Some of the articles are just copy-pasted in various publications. These Publications are easy to purchase from for $50 – $100. Seems like he bought some paid article package.


Nick Kozmin, the founder of deserve to be featured in media outlets organically but not through Paid


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