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Oren B Segal, Fashion Model & His Fake Paid Articles




” Oren B. Segal is a 22-year-old musician, fitness enthusiast, and fashion model based in New York City. ” – Bio from Fake Paid Articles.

Oren’s paid articles speak about him being multi-talented from a trained musician to a fashion curator. Most of his paid articles portray him as a fashion enthusiast and a skilled fashion blogger and outfit curator. A lot of his own posted/sponsored articles say that he is passionate about the fashion industry. No doubt he is passionate, this is why he understands the importance of SELF Branding. Hence you can find a lot of fake paid articles in various publications.

He claims that he has not paid for this. But is he some celebrity that publications will write about him? He hired PR Agency to write about him which for self-promotion and for verification.  If you browse his Website – [ ],  You will find below the banner with the title  ” What people have said about me”.  Seriously?  You are bragging about these articles which are posted by yourself and are paid.


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SOCIAL  PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below-paid articles ]  [ Verified due to below-paid articles ] [ Verified due to below-paid articles ]


We can see that his Facebook page is verified. All we can say is that these self-posted paid articles were for Instagram verification purposes. Oren B. Segal’s fake paid articles were not difficult to identify as many of his articles on the below publications are posted either as Sponsor / or Brand Content ( Pay to Publish ). When the contents are sponsored then you have the leverage to write anything about yourself to glamorize.

This publication publishes content for $$$ under Sponsor Content.  For Example, VillageVoice takes $600 and  West Word $500.


One of his Articles in IrishTimes is posted under his authorship which reads “Supplied by Oren B. Segal”. An article about him was published by Himself with the title ” How Oren B. Segal used outstanding style to impact the modeling world”. Common at least get it posted under some random authorship. This looks weird that you are posting your own article under your own name.

Apart from the above Sponsor / Paid Articles, Oren B. Segal or his hired PR opted for the below Publications to publish his articles. Who doesn’t know about these below publications that are famous for the Pay to publish Model? These publications merely publish anything you want as long you pay them.

A perfect example of $50 – $100 could be RitzHerald, The American Reporter, California Herald, Disrupt magazine, and a few more. Yes, the good thing about Mr.Oren B. Segal’s paid article is that he published a unique article in all the publications to look natural. But unfortunately, we all know it’s a Fake Self glamorized article posted by him only. Eventually, if you have $$$ then you can get anything published.


Looks like someone messed ThriveGlobal Paid Article. Thriveglobal is a free community and you can post anything you want. The same ARTICLE is published twice, eventually one scrapping. Hope Oren B. Segal is aware of this. [ Real Article ] [ Looks like this was thrashed due to some error

We now look forward to some real media coverage about Oren B. Segal rather than these fake paid articles.


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