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The Journey of Fashion Model Oren B Segal’s Paid Articles




Oren B. Segal is a fashion model based in New York City. Paid interviews of Oren highlight his varied skill set and demonstrate his knowledge as a fashion curator and trained musician. Most of his sponsored articles highlight his interest in fashion, portraying him as an accomplished outfit stylist and fashion blogger. His writings, whether sponsored or shared by him, often highlight his intense love for the fashion business. Oren understands the significance of personal branding, hence his investment in paid Interviews & feature articles are justified.

He claims that he hasn’t paid for this interviews. However hope he understands that he lacks the celebrity status that typically garners media attention. It’s OK to consider engaging with a PR agency service that offers paid PR interviews, especially if it can facilitate social media verification as part of its services. If you visit his official website ( which is not renewed now ). The banner that reads “What people have said about me” is located below. Really? You’re boasting about these paid articles that you wrote and posted on your own.


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SOCIAL  PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below-paid articles ]  [ Verified due to below-paid articles ] [ Verified due to below-paid articles ]


Oren’s investment in sponsored PR pieces was wise decision as it has verified his Facebook page. These bought, self-promoted publications clearly have one agenda. i.e social media verification. It was not difficult to identify that below are feature articles were fake paid, as many of them were marked as sponsored or brand content (pay-to-publish). Opting for paid publishing gives leverage to present oneself in the most glamorized way possible. Is it really possible for us to trust this kind of content?

VillageVoice ($600), Times of Israel ($600), Irish Times ($900), and West Word ($500) are a few examples.


One of his article in IrishTimes is posted under his own name as author which reads ” How Oren B. Segal Used Outstanding Style to Impact the modeling world”. Common at least get it posted under some random authorship. This looks weird that you are posting your own article under your own name.

Apart from the above Sponsor / Paid Articles, his hired PR opted for the below Publications to publish his articles. Who doesn’t know about these below publications that are famous for the Pay to publish Model? These publications merely publish anything you want as long you pay them.

You can access his entire collection of paid articles and featured pieces here. Click to download the complete link details

A perfect example of $50 – $100 could be RitzHerald, The American Reporter, California Herald, Disrupt magazine, and a few more. Yes, the good thing about Mr.Oren’s paid article is that he published a unique article in all the publications to look natural. But unfortunately, we all know it’s a Fake Self glamorized article posted by him only. Eventually, if you have $$$ then you can get anything published.


Looks like someone messed ThriveGlobal Paid Article. Thrive global is a free community and you can post anything you want. The same ARTICLE is published twice, eventually one scrapping. Hope Oren is aware of this. [ Real Article ] [ Looks like this was thrashed due to some error]

We eagerly anticipate authentic media coverage of Oren B. Segal


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