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Chavez Allen, Pajama Billionaire & Fake Paid Interviews




” Chavez Allen is famously known as Pajama Billionaire. He is the Forex Trader, Founder of Billionaires Academy, and Author of Book – The Billionaire BluePrint” – Bio from Paid Article

Pajama Billionaire’s Paid Article speaks about his struggle life and portrays him as an expert in Forex Trader. His Article also claims him to be a successful Ecommerce entrepreneur which helps others to achieve financial freedoms. He can be seen flaunting his luxury life, money, and screenshots of how he made $$$$ and even helped others. He desperately offers discounts and convinces people to buy his money-making book – The Billionaire BluePrint on his Social  Media. Do not forget his fake paid success stories and interviews having a lot of emotional angles on how he was poor and he struggled to reach this position which may be true but the below Articles. Those are well written to support his purpose of convincing people that they can also be similar to him and earn. As per his paid self-posted articles, he wants to help others through his online mentorship – Billionaires Academy.

Just Curious why he needs to sell books or his private group access when he himself can make millions just by applying his own full-proof strategy?

In  Past, Chavez Allen was accused of breaching Gaming Act and has a bad reputation, so it is obvious that he needs some credibility enhancement methods. And what could have been the best way other than getting featured in Media Outlets? Also, When you have spent so much on Paid Articles,  it is necessary to flaunt it to your followers,  so what  Chavez Allen is doing on his  Instagram. Flaunting publications can be bought for $20 – $100. Please someone make him understand that the Article on  is free to publish and there is nothing to feel pride about.




Chavez Allen paid articles revolve around him giving advice and tips on being successful. In order to give advice to others,  it is necessary to show yourself successful first. This is why it’s good to invest some $$$ in Self Branding. Below Publications are run on  “Pay to  Publish”, hence you have the freedom to write anything about what you want. This is like Paying and writing his own emotional story to show he creates Billionaires. Seriously? Self PROMOTION


Every article you see about Pajama Billionaire in Google Search is Paid PR ARTICLE which he shares in Digital Media and briags about him.

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