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Shane Mulgrew, Coach | Consultants & Fake Paid Articles



” Shane Mulgrew is a peak performance coach who works with multi-millionaires to create a fit and healthy life regime for them while scaling to 7-figures.” – Bio from Paid Articles.

A walk-through on his Instagram Profile where he has made highlighted of his Mention in the form of Press can be seen below. These are self-posted paid articles and there’s nothing to brag about. Basically with $$$, then anyone can publish their own article. He understands the value of getting featured and PR, hence we can see him posting his own paid articles to market himself.

He opted for PR services. But the bottom line is that these all are Fake and Paid. Basically, publications are paid to publish these articles.

After this article went live, the Below Highlights from his, Instagram is now Removed.




His Paid article speaks about his Coaching Service that provides entrepreneurs with a guaranteed path toward seven-figure business growth. Apart from this, we can also see articles around tips and advice on how one can achieve growth by sharing tips in form of these feature articles that are published in publications that are known for the pay-to-publish model.

For Example,  A  Post on The American  Reporter will cost you $70, Disrupt Magazine $20, Influencive $20, and Ibtimes $199.  All the publications below are easy to buy from  Just you have to give your own content and they publish it.

Shane-Mulgrew-Paid-Interviews [ Deleted now]

We now look forward to more of his Paid  Articles.


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