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Philip Villa, Founder Yokkao & Fake Paid Articles




“Philip Villa, Italian Entrepreneur and Martial Artist, founder of Yokkao, a  sports company” – Bio from Paid Article

As per his Paid Interviews / Feature Articles / Success Stories, Philip Villa is an Italian Entrepreneur who founded Yokkao, a leading combat sports company that covers a vast range of services including event management, gear & equipment manufacturing, a gym, and streetwear line. He moved to Thailand in 2007 and started training in Muay Thai for 3 years. He noticed a huge market gap and potential for Muay Thai to grow and since then has been working on growing this sport globally. Streetwear is a huge hit among sportsmen and is sold globally. Philip Villa plans to open a Yokkao office in Los Angeles in 2022 and has hinted at a possible move to the US.

Philip Villa has been covered by a few small media outlets in the Past for his achievements and contribution to sports. However, apart from those real small mentions, Philip Villa can be seen in the below publications which can be purchased for $50 – $400 from any  PR agency or Freelancing sites such as Fiverr or PeoplePerHour. His Achievements and Struggle is Real but definitely not the below Interviews / Feature Articles / Success Stories. Those are Fake, Self Posted, and Paid.



Creating a profile on Wikipedia replica websites add to your credibility more.  Hence, we can see he or his PR-created profile on a bunch of Wikipedia look like sites. This can be purchased for $50 – $100. There is no review process below sites. This gives you the advantage to write anything you want or anything you claim.


Philip Villa has come a long way and has been motivating his readers to take up Muay Thai which will help one to get physically as well as mentally fit. He has a good number of followers on Instagram and has been promoting his business all around the world. So when you are doing well then you do need marketing and exposure which can be achieved through Paid PR Articles for $$$$. Hence we can see his fake interviews and paid articles all over the place.

Philip Villa’s sponsor and paid articles mainly focus on the journey of how he started Yokkao and what are his future plans. Basically, his intentions are clear that he wants to promote his brand and aware the readers about. His articles become repetitive after a time. Philip Villa has done remarkable work in promoting Muay Thai as a sport globally, which is incredible. He has been naturally featured in well-known publications, but the question arises, why does he get the need for paid articles? Maybe his motive is media presence or he wants to do self-branding. Or he wants the blue tick beside his name. Verification has become important to prove your credibility and authenticity.

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Some Publications are favorites of PR agencies and Entrepreneurs due to their Cheap  Price and Easy publish process without any validation. Philip Villa’s article on the same publication multiple times is a clear indication of it being Paid. A publication like American Reporter cost $99, Influencive $80, etc


Getting featured on such premium publications requires enough credibility but when you have a PR agency or have an understanding that you can publish your own article by paying under their brand content program for $1500 – $200 then it is easier to get yourself featured. Entrepreneur Contributor, John Stanly’s profile is filled with all sponsor and paid articles.  Philip Villa has an article on with the title, ‘This Is How Sports Helped an Individual To Become a Better Entrepreneur’ by John Stanly is Paid.


We look forward to more of His  Paid Interviews and Feature Articles.


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