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Promoter Greg Moneyman Jones & Fake Paid Articles




” Greg Moneyman Jones a.k.a Gregory A Jones is a nightclub artist and a mixtape producer” – Bio from Fake Paid Articles

His Fake Self Posted claims that Greg Moneyman Jones is an aspiring artist and rapper. We can see his paid articles shows his desire to own a nightclub and also start a record label for a music artist. That’s really great.

Publications do aspiring cover artists for their readers but when you are not that credible then definitely you have to opt for your own Paid Articles to glamorize yourself. Greg Moneyman Jones’s expertise, skillsets, and achievements are real but not the below Interviews and Feature Articles. We have explored a lot of Fake Self Paid Articles by Greg Moneyman Jones a.k.a Gregory A Jones.

When you are an artist than having an IMDB Profile is really worth it. Greg Moneyman has created their own IMDB Profile which you can do for $40 from freelancing sites. This is a really great investment –



All of his  Interview and Feature articles are published on small Blogs or publications known for the pay-to-publish model. None of the Publication below is credible or in other words, none of the articles or interviews are organically covered. They are paid to publish. You draft your own content whatever you want, pay like $50  – $100, and get your shit posted.


Who doesn’t know about this spam publication filled with fake paid articles? Below are some fake articles by Greg Moneyman Jones

Since childhood, he invested his time in musicians like Rakim and LL Cool J, which is the reason he developed an interest in music in the first place. But doing the above fake paid articles won’t make you one like them.

We now look forward to some real media coverage about Greg Moneyman Jones


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