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Rabu Gary, CEO Rabu’s Friends | UIGI & Fake Paid Articles




“Rabu Gary is an entrepreneur, influencer, Financial Advisor, Founder of Rabus Friends and part of United Investors Group International” – Bio from Paid Articles

Rabu Gary’s Fake Interviews and Paid Articles speaks about his business journey which he started twenty-one years ago. Unsure of his future, he went ahead with the risk and created a remarkable success story. Rabu Gary is a successful entrepreneur, influencer, financial advisor, founder of Rabus Friends, and part of United Investors Group International according to his paid articles, which may be true but not his below coverage which is paid and can be purchased from freelancers’ sites or PR service provider for $100 – $1000 per publications.

United Investors Group International’s administrator says in one of his articles that his primary tool to attract customers is to establish credibility.  And in order to gain credibility what could have been the best way other than getting verified?  That’s one of the reasons why he has chosen to do paid articles. These paid articles have helped him directly or indirectly to get his social media accounts verified. Also when you have invested so much why not use them on Social  Media which he doing well.

Apart from his IG Bio which flaunts the paid article,  one of his  Instagram posts [] reads ”  Your Boy made to Forbes”. Seriously? Instead of Featured, it should be written as  “Paid for”.




Rabu Gary has invested a good amount of capital to get his articles published in semi-premium and premium publications. Apart from getting verified, he wanted to convey to his readers that he helps people attain financial freedom and has helped 300,000 people achieve success. His guidance and advice might have helped people attain their goals. But when you are shelling out $$$$ then you get the liberty to write whatever you feel like and publications have a no questions asked policy if the articles are posted under brand content. These articles come with a disclaimer, hence it does not require rocket science to understand it Paid.

It can cost anywhere from $499 to $1999 to get your interview and feature article published. For Example – Techtimes cost $499,  Khaleej times $50 etc. Just draft your own content and they publish it.


Apart from sponsoring articles on general publications, we can also see some of his paid interviews and articles on Crypto niche publications. Even these publications can be bought in packages from websites like where most PR Service providers purchase them for their clients.   Rabu Gary being a financial advisory understands the importance of including crypto-based interviews, hence we can see a lot of his articles are on crypto outlets. These crypto publications themselves lack credibility and charge $50 – $99 to publish any content you give them.


Rabu Gary went one step ahead and got himself featured in various music-based publications as well. Looks like his PR service provider must have suggested this music publication for Social Media  Verification.


Getting featured on Forbes USA not only enhances credibility but also helps you in verification. It all takes the right PR agency and a budget of $3000 – $5000 to get anyone featured through contributors. Gary’s Forbes article “Tuxedo Style Conveys A Message Of Financial Freedom In 2022” by Joseph DeAcetis is  Paid and the  Forbes contributor himself is banned due to his paid activity.  Joseph DeAcetis was a luxury and fashion contributor and the way he has covered Rabu  Gary in fashion topics is mindblowing and looks natural and organic.


Another Paid article can be seen on  Forbes Monaco and Chicago  Tribune where he talks about His 1/3 Rule is also paid. Forbes  Monaco allows anyone to post their own content for $3000 under brand content While Chicago Tribune cost $2500.

We really like to see some real Rabu Gary’s interviews instead of all this fake paid.


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