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Rashed Ali Almansoori, Founder UTAG & Fake Paid Articles




“Rashed Ali Almansoori is a Founder of Utag and Emirati Journalist with years of experience of Digital and Artificial Intelligence.” – Bio from Paid Articles

Rashed Ali Almansoori’s fake Paid Articles states that he is the founder of Utag and Emirati Journalist. He is a digital genius with years of experience and has expertise in web development, web designing, SEO building, and promoting brands over the digital domain. Some of his paid articles revolve around Rashed Ali Almansoori sharing his views on how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will turn out to be game-changers. Rashed Ali Almansoori being a tech blogger who has his expertise in the digital domain understands the importance of Paid articles. Hence we can see him doing a lot of Paid and Sponsor Content. This has also helped him get verified which has enhanced his credibility and authenticity. When you gain that credibility, your clients trust your work.

When you are on all publications then why not flaunt it? And he is doing well on his Instagram through his Highlights –


The Struggle and Skills may be Real but definitely not his below Interviews and Success  Stories.  Those are 100% Fake, Self Drafted, and Paid. Looks like he did all this for Verification which he eventually achieved.  Do not forget his Profile on IMDB  and  Bharapedia which can be done for $50 – $100.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified after doing Paid Articles ]


Speaking about authenticity, the so-called Blogger, Digital Expert, Journalist Rashed Ali Almansoori has mentioned in one of his articles that, “Authenticity is the key to establish your target audience over the web”. He has successfully established his authenticity among his followers but little do they know about his Paid Fake Articles. When you want to gain that credibility, doing paid articles is an easy way out and Rashed Ali Almansoori has gained that by doing so. You can see a lot of his articles under sponsor content with a disclaimer.

Such publications [  HauteLiving, VillageVoice ] allow you to post any content for $800 -$999 from Publication itself. Whether it is interviews or success stories,  Draft articles as per your liking and they publish them.


When you are looking to get verified or get featured then how come Indian Publications can be left?  Indian  Publications are Cheap and they are available from any Freelancers for $100 – $150.  Adding a few Indian Publication in your Paid Interviews and  Success Stories of  UTAG is always a  good strategy.

Rashed-Ali-Almansoori-Paid--ArticleDo not forget his below Articles which look Real and Organic but they are not. This can be purchased for $15 – $150 from or For Example – TechBullion $99, Ibtimes $299,  Disrupt Magazine $99 etc.

Rashed Ali Almansoori claims himself to be a digital genius with years of experience. Hope to see some publication cover him naturally not paid one.

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