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Yusuf Yolasan, Realtor & Fake Paid Articles




” Yusuf Yolasan is a Resl Estate Agent in South Florida who is known for excellent service to get the best home for his clients. He is also associated with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices EWM Realty” – Bio from Paid Articles.

When you are a successful realtor then definitely you need to promote yourself. How about showing your credibility to your client by showing them media mentions? This may increase trust among your clients.  What could have been the best way to promote yourself is to get featured in various publications through Paid Articles? We can see him promoting below paid interviews and success stories on his Instagram highlights.


One of his paid interviews articles says that “Yusuf Yolasan spent years negotiating deals worth millions of dollars and has been featured in various publications such as The New York Weekly, and The Influencive.” Seriously? You have been featured here? That is not TRUE. You paid for those. There’s nothing to brag about that paid article in another paid article.



When you are paying for publishing your article then definitely you can preach whatever you want in form of a feature article. This is why you will see most of Yusuf Yolasan’s fake posted articles cover various topics such as what differentiates achievers from quitters, negotiations tips, time management, discipline, and more.  And yes you can copy-paste the same article and No publication cares about plagiarism or poor content also.

Below are some publications which are known for publishing paid content. These publications are popular for supporting social media verification, hence people tend to publish their feature articles here. The price range of these publications varies from $50 – $100.  Looks like Yusuf Yolasan is planning to get verified.


Just go to or Peopleperhour and search for the below publications. You can buy it easily.  You just have to give your own content whatever you want and they will publish it for a fee.

There are few publications where you can see easily the disclaimers indicating that  Yusuf Yolasan has paid for the publishing. The content posted under Brand Content / Sponsor is 100% paid. When you have $$$ then it’s a good investment to opt for a few credible publications that contribute to the verification.

For example, an article on Livemint costs $200 while VillageVoice costs $400.



A publication such as KhaleejTimes charges you a good $$$ for the paid post so it’s good to merge 2 clients in a single article.  This results in achieving 2 outcomes – Getting Featured and being Cost-Effective. This is why Yusuf Yolasan’s article is with Addison Hellum.  Btw Addison Hellum is another entrepreneur who did fake paid articles.  Merging 2 clients in a single article is an old method done by  PR  service providers.


Yusuf‌ ‌Yolasan’s‌ ‌fake self-posted articles are‌ ‌truly‌ ‌inspiring‌ but this could  have been  better  if those were organic  articles rather than Paid.


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