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Robbie Burke, Mindful Muscle | Coach & Fake Paid Articles




“Robbie Burke is a professional fitness trainer and runs a fitness coaching Program called Mindful Muscle that caters to and provides personalized fitness training ” – Bio from Fake Paid Articles

No Doubt, Robbie Burke is a professional trainer who offers unconventional training methods covering a range of styles including bodyweight training, corrective workouts, and other exercise tricks. But he also took the unconventional method of promoting himself i.e publishing fake paid posts. He understands the importance of getting featured and using it for personal branding. Hence we can see a lot of his online articles are actually Fake Paid posts. A  layman anyhow won’t understand the difference between natural coverage and paid coverage. But we can.

If you have a look at his Instagram Story highlights. You will find him praising himself for the Press Mentions. Is it really real coverage? No, It isn’t. These are all Fake Paid Coverage that you can get easily with $$$.



SOCIAL  PRESENCE:  [  Looks  like he is not verified yet ] [ Verified ][ Replica of Wikipedia that you can create merely for $30 ] [ Replica of Wikipedia that you can create merely for $50 ]


We dig out of his most of the fake paid articles. A Bunch of paid articles is Indian Publications which are very popular for Brand Post / Sponsor Post ( Pay to Publish ). These publications can publish anything you want with a mere $$$. We can see that his Facebook is already verified, we assume these extra articles are for Instagram verification. But Robbie Burke doesn’t know that a few of them are blacklisted as well. Seems like Robbie Burke’s PR guy didn’t tell this.

For Example, Outlook India costs $200, Mid Day $150, and Deccan Herald $150. Most Publications are widely used for Social Media verification services.

Robbie-ClarkHere are a few more paid articles he did to promote himself.

Who doesn’t know about Yahoo Finance / News? You can get it easily on Yahoo by using the Press Release service of AccessWire [ ] and other publications such as TechTimes, Influencive, Disrupt Magazine, etc can be bought for for $100 – $200.

The List can go on if you google out his Name.. Hope we will find some real coverage rather than  just  paid.


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