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Robby Clark, SID Developments & Fake Paid Articles




“Robby Clark is the founder and CEO of SID Developments. Robby also founded eFresh Meals, a meal prep company, Lawn Care Alert, a landscaping company & several others.” – Bio from Paid Articles.

His Paid article revolves around him being bankrupt at age of 21,  doing odd jobs, and finally settling into the real estate niche.  After having ups and downs in his personal and gaining experience business journey, he shares his expertise and knowledge in form of informative videos on his  Instagram. One should really follow him as he shares excellent tips and entrepreneurial advice on his Instagram. When you are motivating all aspiring entrepreneurs to take matters into their own hands and start working on their path to success then  It is necessary that you have some as references or testimony for your followers to convince them about your achievements. What could be better than showing the Feature Article / Interview Articles?

Even though the purpose of the below Feature Articles is to get verified but still it can be used as Media Mentions to your portfolio. unfortunately, all the Media  Coverage in form of Feature articles or Interviews, and Editorial Content of Robby Clark is 100% Fake,  Paid & Self Posted.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified after doing below Paid Articles ]


Robby is a self-taught individual and a self-made success, having learned how to identify, finance, and scale a profitable. At the same time, he is aware of self-branding and  Marketing. Maybe this is why we see a lot of Fake and Paid Articles in various publications.  Also, when you are in real estate, definitely you can shell out some extra $$$ for your own marketing.  Sometimes, we have to accept that we are not credible enough to get covered in media outlets, so it’s wise to pay them or get covered through their Sponsor / Advertising Content. In the end, the result matters. If these paid articles are getting you verified then Why not spend some $$$$.

Below are some Sponsor Content / Brand  Content where you can publish anything as you are paying for it. Article on Publication such as LA Confidential Mag,  Village Voice, Daily  Caller is paid. Anyone can publish their own interviews for $400 – $600. Out of all,  USATODAY  seems a costly investment as they charge a  hefty amount with a disclaimer to write about you. Basically, you can submit your own content. There is nothing wrong with opting for Paid Option when Robby Clark, Founder of eFresh Meals is desperate to get  Verified.

Sponsor-Content---Robby-Clark [ Really Good Investment ]

Some publications are only concerned about the $$$  as they don’t care about plagiarism or content issues or any fact-checking. In this desperation, they tend to do mistakes such as posting the same article twice with different Titles. Or maybe Robby Clark opted for  Double Paid  Article on  OceanDrive and forgot to give a unique article for 2 Sponsor Content. The below article on Ocean Drive is the same with 2 different Titles.

Sometimes you need to sponsor some events also.


Below articles may look organic but they are not. They are also 100% Fake and Paid. The websites are known for their spam of Feature Articles and are available for $50 – $100  on  I  appreciate his way of giving financial advice through his paid articles with the disclaimer at the end “Robby Clark is not a financial advisor and invest at your own risk.“. Many of the publications are spam and they themselves don’t have traffic or authority.  Those are posted merely to populate google with “Robby Clark” name search, especially the Nigerian spam websites.



It’s surely a matter of pride and achievement if you are recognized as top 10 Entrepreneur by some credible publications or institutions or media outlets.  Robby Clark is one of the deserving individuals who are on various lists of Achievements such  as :

  • Top 10 Entrepreneurs To Watch Out For In 2021
  • Top 10 Real Estate Leaders To Watch Out For In 2021
  • Top 5 real estate leaders changing the industry in 2021
  • Top 10 Young CEOs To Know About In 2021

The recognition above could have been applauded if those were Real and by some credible institution rather than some  PR  Agency private  [ HighKey Agency ] list which is created to dump all the entrepreneurs who have paid to list them.  Top  10  List is a very common strategy in the PR industry where they include 10 paid individuals and just post this article through Press Release Services such as  GlobeNewsWire.  Once this  Article is published as a Press Release, from there it gets syndicated to Yahoo  Finance and News. The Cost of this PR is  $350You can read about this in our Expose Article here.

Being Successful, Robby Clark really deserves to be featured but in an organic Way.  Not Paid !!


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