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Robert Bull, CEO RoyaleLife & Fake Spam Interviews




“Robert Bull is the CEO and driving force behind RoyaleLife, the largest provider of bungalows living in the UK. ” Bio from his Self Posted Fake Paid Articles

Robert Bull being a successful CEO and entrepreneur understands the importance of SEO and we can see how Desperate Mr.Robert Bull,   CEO of  RoyaleLife is to promote himself with these Fake Articles on numerous spam websites.



The strategy he opted to populate google with spam articles is that he did a few Fake Paid Articles on the below publications then used these articles to include as  Backlink in all his spam interviews in spam blogs. And Yes these Articles in the below Publications are Fake and Paid.  For Example,  An article on CEO Word & London Love Business will cost you around $300 to $400.


Robert Bull has spammed Google Search with lots of Interviews and feature articles. All those articles are self Posted on various spam Blogs and Websites. The desperation of posting his fake articles was so much that he didn’t bother to check the website metric nor any credibility. He was in hurry to post his own articles on whatever website he found. Those cheap blogs and websites are available on Fiverr for $5 to $10.

The Fake Articles on Spam Websites list goes on……

Someone, please Inform that instead of spending so much fortune on these Fake Spam Articles, Invest in hiring a Better PR or SEO Agency.

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