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Exposing: Rohit Tayade & His Fake Self Paid Interviews



“Rohit Tayade calls himself Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Expert, Social Media Influencer, and Youtuber as per his Fake Paid Articles.” – Bio from Fake Paid  Articles

Basically, 20 years old boy and pictures clicked in casuals with fake paid articles populated in various publications where you can pay and get published doesn’t make anyone entrepreneur. Infact, it makes you a “WANNA BE” Influencer and Entrepreneur. Isn’t, Right? Also, he himself Sells PR Services,  hence he understands the importance of PR Articles and getting verified. So his action of posting fake articles is justified.

He has made a look like a Wikipedia Page with his name on some replica website of Wikipedia which is called Bharatpedia along with IMDB Page which seems like a trick to get verified. What is funny is the line from this Fake Paid Article ” Being the founder of the company called Realownmedia, he has emerged as the youngest entrepreneur in the city to hold such a venture in his kitty.Seriously, a virtual company with no existence other than a website is a big venture in Pune?

SOCIAL  PRESENCE: [ Verified after posting fake paid articles ]


There is no rocket science to understand that Paid Content of Hindustan Times is easily available in the range of $120 – $150 and you can post anything you want about yourself while you can get on Yahoo News such as posting your content on Aggregator like NewsBytes.


Here are some more snippets from the Publications which are filled with Paid Articles. In short, anyone pays them and gets your own articles published. Call yourself an Entrepreneur or Influencers, doesn’t matter. You can get anything posted here as Mr.Rohit Tayade did.



Tips for Him – Atleast some Professional Pic when you portray yourself Entrepreneur rather than a random casual kid-like picture.

Here are the complete fake articles which are done either for verification or for personal branding. These articles can be purchased from Fiverr or from any PR Service provider in the various Facebook group for $50 – $100. Basically, you give your own article and they publish anything you want.

You cannot call yourself Entrepreneur just by posting few fake articles.

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