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Rohit Tayade, Entrepreneur with Fake Paid Articles?




“Rohit Tayade is a self-proclaimed Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Expert, Social Media Influencer, and Youtuber ” – Bio from Fake Paid  Articles

Essentially, being a 20-year-old male who poses in casual attire for staged photos while having fabricated articles published in various media outlets through paid means does not truly qualify someone as an entrepreneur. In reality, it categorizes them as aspiring “WANNA BE” influencers and entrepreneurs, wouldn’t you agree? Moreover, Rohit Tayade himself offers PR services, demonstrating his understanding of the significance of PR articles and the desire to attain verification. Hence, his decision to share fabricated articles can be seen as rationalized within this context.

Rohit has created a faux Wikipedia-style page on his name on a replica website called Bharatpedia, along with an IMDB page, which appears to be an attempt to secure verification. What’s amusing is the claim in this fabricated paid article: “As the founder of Realownmedia ( no more exists), he has become the youngest entrepreneur in the city to helm such a venture.” Honestly, can a virtual company with no tangible presence beyond a website truly be considered a significant venture in Pune?

SOCIAL  PRESENCE: [ Verified after posting fake paid articles ]


Feature articles and interviews of Rohit primarily surface in Indian publications known for publishing content under their “brand content” section for a fee, devoid of any editorial oversight or fact-checking for $100 – 4499. These publications are widely used in PR niche who wants to populate Search Engine with fake credibility or for verification. It is common in the Indian PR & SEO Community where you find dozens of people selling this, Essentially, anyone can assert anything within these self-composed articles. Can we genuinely place trust in such sponsored content?

For Example – It’s not difficult to grasp that you can easily find paid content placement in Hindustan Times for approximately $120 to $150, allowing you to publish whatever you wish about yourself. Similarly, you can gain visibility on platforms like Yahoo News by sharing your content through aggregators like NewsBytes.


Here are additional excerpts from these publications brimming with paid articles. In essence, anyone can make a payment and have their own articles published, regardless of whether they label themselves as an entrepreneur or influencer. This is precisely what Mr. Rohit Tayade did. He could have at least taken some professionally shot photos for this sponsored article, instead of wearing a counterfeit Levi’s T-shirt that appears in most of the articles in the same pose.

Rohit-Tayade-Fake-ArticlesBelow are the entirely fabricated articles, created either to secure verification or bolster personal branding. Such articles are readily available for purchase on platforms like Fiverr or through PR service providers in various Facebook groups, typically costing between $50 to $100. Essentially, you provide your article, and they publish whatever content you desire.

You cannot call yourself Entrepreneur just by posting few fake articles.


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