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Rudy Bundini, Fashion Model & Fake Paid Articles




“Rudy Bundini, a world-renowned Supermodel, the face of Nike, Versace, Philip Plein, and Roger Dubois” – Bio from Paid Articles

According to the Paid Interviews and Success Stories, Rudy Bundini was very much into sports. He won a gold medal as a heavyweight boxer in the Azerbaijan International boxing tournament. During London Olympic qualifier matches, he severely injured his shoulder in the fight which ultimately led him to hang up his gloves. He went on to complete his education and received a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. After graduation, he went on to follow his dream of becoming a model. He shifted to New York City where he signed up with a few modeling agencies and has been featured in editorials, publications, ads, campaigns, catwalks, and billboards.

His Struggle and Achievements in the below-Paid Stories may be True but definitely not the Feature articles  / Interviews that you see in Digital World. Below Paid Placement can be purchased directly from or through Publication directly for $$$$. This is either done by him directly or through some PR Agency. Being a model, Rudy Bundini knows the real value of investing $$$$ in Self Branding and Verification. Hence he opted for Paid Articles.   Flaunting below paid interviews and stories in Facebook Profile helped him to get verified on Facebook along with Instagram, which has increased his credibility and has landed him big gigs we assume.


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ] [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]


Getting a Profile on IMDB or WikiCelebs or EveryBody only requires you to have $50 – $100. There is absolutely no credibility required as long you know where to buy these services. One such freelance place is [ Free to Register] [ Yes you can call yourself Celeb ] [ Replica of Wikipedia for anyone who wants to have own  page for $50 ]


After reading Rudy Bundini’s articles, he seems to be an overachiever and has been inspiring a lot of people in his journey. Well, that’s the magic of paid and fake articles. Paid articles give you the liberty to draft anything and everything about yourself. Likewise, Rudy Bundini has left no stone unturned to share his story through Fake Self Posted Interviews and Success Stories. Getting yourself published in some premium and semi-premium publications is easy when you have the right contact with a PR service Provider and have a decent budget. The Interviews / Feature Articles may look real and organic but they are not.

For Example An Interview on Influencive costs $99, Ibtimes $299,  America Daily Post $99 from Publication directly, and more.

Why not use Paid Articles to claim yourself as a SuperModels, Or let the world know about you being on Times  Square or consider yourself as an Influential  Model? And he is doing well with these paid articles.  Below are some of the Fake Paid Interviews  / Success Stores of Rudy Bundini.

Rudy-Bundini-Paid--Article [ Buy from Publication Directly ] [ Opt for Press Release  service and get  listed on Yahoo ] [ Free to Register  and Post ]

Some Publication seems  Favoruite of Rudy Bundini or his PR Team as they used them multiple times to publish their Fake Success Stories. These Publications publish anything you want as long you pay them.  Those are neither Costly. For Example – SeekersTime  for $99


Getting Featured on Forbes India is not hard as compared to  Forbes USA. Forbes India allows you to post any content under their “Brand Connect” program which is part of their paid advertisement. You can directly buy from Forbes India for $699 – $999. Rudy Bundini Article on Forbes India is 100% Paid and Fake.  Since Forbes  India is Cheap as compared to other big premium publications. Why not Publish  2 articles then?


Looks like Rudy Bundini mentioned in Forbes India’s Article ” The Top 5 Instagram Influencers to Follow During the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic ” is just a list made up by PR agencies to merge multiple Models in a single article. It is an old method used by  PR  agencies to charge a small fee of $$$ to list in the article. All Models in this  Fake Paid  List have done PAID ARTICLES. Just google out their name and you will find the same publications under their profile.


You can be featured on Forbes USA if you have the right PR  agency who can pitch your profile to the Contributor. And who does not know about Joseph DeAcetis? He writes about luxury fashion and lifestyle. He understands the natural way to mention the client in the article and he did well to include Rudy Bundini in this Paid Article. Looks like Forbes Contributor loves him very much due to which he covered him twice. Isn’t the Paid Article looking so natural? Btw You can buy this Forbes  Mention for $999 or Feature Article for $4000 – $5000 from  Freelancing sites like Fiverr,  Upwork, and [ Another Listicle  Articles  including same Models that of Forbes Indias  and USATODAY  ]


USA TODAY  Sponsor articles ain’t cheap,  so it’s better to share the Spot with other individuals who are on the same journey of Paid Articles. All of the Influencers are clubbed in the single article along with Rudy Bundini.


Rudy can be seen flattering the paid article of mention on Social  Media with a comment ” Entrepreneur featuring my most recent shoot for #Visa “. This could have been applauded if the coverage would have been Organic and Real instead of Paid. He went ahead with little creativity by creating a BANNER featuring him. Looks like his  PR agency [ New Age Public Relations ] made him believe that this is organic coverage.


Rudy’s article on Entrepreneur is a Brand Content which cost $2000 – $2500 where you can submit your own content and publishes it without a disclaimer under their Paid  Author Profile. In this, it is published under the “John Stanly” profile which is a brand content profile.

We look forward to more of his Paid Articles. Hope some Media Outlets organically interviews him.


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