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Sanan Sanani , Sterling Property & Fake Paid Interviews




“Sanan Sanani is Entrepreneur, Investor, Author, and YouTuber, on a mission to help income earners and homeowners make lucrative choices in the world of Real Estate Investing. Satan Sanani has a firm “Sterling Property Advisors” and runs a Youtube Channel “Sanan Sanani – Real Estate Investing” sharing lots of insight & Tips in regards to Real Estate Investment. ” – Paid Article Bio.



He has paid lots of Publication to Post his Success Story, Feature Article, and Interview. He also created IMDB Profile ( ) which is quite funny as it is nowhere relatable to his profession But seems like it comes with Paid PR Package. He pasted all these Paid Articles under the “Press” section of his company website –

Sanan Sanani Paid Article journey can be easily tracked with Forbes India Brand Content. And who doesn’t know Forbes India Brand Content where you pay like $600 – $999 and you get to publish anything you want. In Sanan’s Case, it’s a Paid Article in form of an Interview where it looks like he shares his Success Story.

Another one is the Entrepreneur Article which is posted by the Entrepreneur Staff. This is also a Paid Article, where you pay $1500 – $2000 and you can publish an article on Entrepreneur featuring yourself. With this Paid Article, You can write ” Featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur & More” under your Social Media Profile.

Sanan--Sanani [ Entrepreneur Paid Post under Staff Profile ] [ You buy this like $50 ] [ Who doesn’t know about IBtimes? Like you  pay  $250 to get your interview posted here]$10,000

Yes, Sanan Sanani is definitely knowledgeable about Real Estate Investment but do not get carried away by his Paid Articles. Hoping to see more of his Paid Articles on how great he is.

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