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Sean Frimpong, NFT | Ecommerce Scams & Fake Interviews




“Sean Frimpong aka Huncho is a self-claimed Multimillionaire and Entrepreneur. He is associated with Prestige Knowledge and MDM  MasterClass. He is also the author of “The Million Dollar Mindset” book. – Bio from Paid Articles

His fake Success stories and Interviews are all about the emotional angle of how he at the age of 11 moved to America with his father [ his father is in jail for fraud ]  and two other siblings and marked his journey of achieving success. Later how he ended up investing and trading in stocks which he claims changed his life. That’s really great. You will find lots of his articles having his own images holding lots of cash to exaggerate how he is earning through his e-commerce courses and convinces others to opt for his services. But Beware !! When Articles are Paid and Fake,  so maybe his services also. That may be the just way to attract potential buyers of his services and products. When someone points out his scam then he directly blocks it. Most of the time his Live Feed is done through comments off.

It is understood that he needed some credibility before he sell his Prestige University courses such as “7 FIGURE E-Commerce Guide”, “Amazon FBA Training Guide”, “Car Rental Business Guide”, and “Cryptocurrency Guide” which cost approx $99. What could have been the best way to promote among your followers other than showing them the news article about how great he is and how media outlets are covering him? You will find his Instagram stories [ Deleted now ] filled with thanking the publication for the Interview as if they really covered him. We all know that it’s a Fake Paid Article that anyone can do if they have $$$$.

What is the pride in these interviews when you paid for them?  Anyone can pay and get themselves featured.


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When you offer $$$$ services to your followers, it is a wise decision to invest in Self Branding through Paid Interviews and Feature Articles.  Feature Articles can get you verified, at the same time will enhance your credibility. So why not do it then?  Sean Frimpong’s paid articles are mostly from Indian Publications such as Business Standard, Mid Day, and Decann Herald which is easily available at the cheap prices of $200 to $400 and can be purchased from any Facebook Guest Posting Group.


These publications allow you to post anything and basically run on the “Pay to Publish” Model. These articles come with a Disclaimer which is easy to understand that they are paid. When you are paying for placement, then you have the liberty to glamorize yourself as much as you like. And Sean Frimpong is doing well in his paid articles. Basically, anything you read about him in the below publications is Fake and  Paid. Do not get carried away by his success stories which are self-drafted and Posted.

Considering the publishing timeline of these fake paid interviews and success stories, it looks like he was desperate to do verification and bought the below publication in Packages from any PR Service providers. Many of his articles portray him to be a mentor and a hustler who achieved his dream and grew over a large number of successful businesses. His claims may or may not be True but definitely, his articles are Fake and Paid.  Just in case, anyone wants to get a similar paid article then they can visit Freelancing sites like or and buy these publications at a price range of $50 – $100.



Sean Frimpong is known for duping many people for e-commerce services and selling NFTs. The project was “Executive Husky” with which he is associated. Many people reported him rug pulling the project and selling people useless overhyped NFTs with no real utilities. Pro Tip: Do you want to get banned by him? Just point out his scams. He instantly blocks you.

In the past People have created a Discord Group to expose his scams – [ No More Active ]

Sean Frimpong

Successful individuals not only work hard but also go out of Box. Same like Sean Frimpong who went ahead and promoted himself through all fake paid articles.


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