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Shane Currey, Currey Insurance & Fake Paid Articles




Shane Currey is a multi-business owner, an angel investor, venture capitalist, and real estate developer – Bio from Paid Article

Shane Currey’s paid articles tell their readers about his successful journey as an angel investor, venture capitalist, and real estate developer. He is a multi-talented multi-business owner and has been in the finance sector for over fourteen years. He also runs several real estate development firms and has a property management business. Along with this, he is seen mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs on their start-ups too.

Being an entrepreneur, owner of Currey Insurance, and financial expert, Shane Currey understands the importance of Self-branding and he felt the need to do paid articles in order to make people aware of his business. Along with his businesses, he has aspiring entrepreneurs to mentor. For this, he needs credibility, or else why would anyone train under him? And these paid interviews and fake articles have helped him enhance his credibility and authenticity.

His expertise and struggle as mentioned in the below-paid interviews and success stories may be Real but not below Articles which can be bought for $50 – $500 from any  PR Service Provider.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]


Dealing with people’s finances comes with a risk and Shane Currey has been doing that for a long time. But to increase his clientele, his paid articles have come in handy for marketing collateral. Whenever a new client reads his article, they would not hesitate to do business with him. Why? Because getting featured by publications gives your reader a sense of genuineness but they are not aware that these articles are paid. In short, these articles have helped him enhance his credibility and may help him gain a few clients.


Below Interview /  Success, Stories may look Real but they are just paid ones.  Anyone can get their own interview and success stories published on the below sites as they are solely run on the “PAY TO PUBLISH” model. For Example Bangkokpost $50,  Guardian  Ng $20,  Fashionweekly $99, etc.

Apart from  Publications, There are many Interviews published in credible publications. These publications allow you to publish your content with a disclaimer under their Sponsored Content program for $800 – $1400.  Hence any article you read about him below is just self-posted and Fake.


Shane Currey has been published on Forbes and one just cannot get published without having enough credibility. But what we have noticed is, his article has been published by the contributor Shama Hyder who is now banned by Forbes. The reason behind her ban is her paid activity. This article will help Shane Currey in the process of verification as one just cannot get published on Forbes because for that you need $$$$ and a good PR service provider. Alternatively, you can opt for PR services from  that can help you to land on Forbes.



Shane Currey can be seen sharing spots with two different entrepreneurs. One being Omar Wala and another Edikan Adaikpan. Both of these entrepreneurs are also known for their paid articles which we have covered in our publication. Most of these entrepreneurs aren’t aware of these practices. Their PR service providers merge 2 clients in a single article with one purpose ” name in the title” which helps in verification and ultimately saves a few $$$ in the process. In short, getting featured on IBTimes and Times of Israel isn’t cheap so it is preferable to share the commercial.


Ibtimes shared with Omar Wala:

Ibtimes shared with Edikan Adiakpan:

Hope we will soon see some Real Interviews  and Feature Articles.

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