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Spencer Vann, CEO Surplus Fund & Fake Paid Articles




“Spencer Vann is a co-founder, and CEO of ” – Bio from Fake Paid Articles.

Spencer Vann’s article speaks about how his life changed from an athlete to a Real Estate agent and he grew up experiencing tons of hurdles which causes him to realize how tough life is. His paid article also says that Spencer Vann is helping people to reunite with their lost money from their foreclosed homes. It’s really difficult to believe the claims like this when you publish your own fake paid articles.

Spencer Vann loves to mentor every individual who wants to pursue their dreams of becoming a successful businessman. Success doesn’t come only with hard work but it has to be accompanied by some smart Action too. Spencer Vann did a smart method to promote himself and this is why we find a lot of his Paid articles. It seems that Spencer Vann wanted to get Verified or done for Self-branding. We will explore some of the Fake Paid  Articles below that are either done by him.

Looks like Spencer paid articles are done by Giuliano Gonzalez, who is into PR  selling below Publications in the name of Branding. Spencer Vann’s example is also used by Giuliano Gonzalez in his videos for Case Study.



Most of Spencer Vann’s paid articles are sponsored and poorly written. His paid PR articles include Ibtimes,  Influencive,  TechTimes which are available for $100 to $500 in SEO Market. These Publications are known for ” Pay to Publish”. Don’t get surprised by all these articles that you read about him in online publications as they are Paid and  Self  Posted.  You can buy all of these publications from or

Spencer Vann CEO [ $100 Indian  Publication ] [ $99 Publication ] [ A  Community to Post  free article ] [ $100 Indian  Publication ] [ $500 Publication ] [ $450 Publication ]


Getting Featured on Entrepreneur requires you to be a credible entrepreneur. But when you are not credible enough then a PR agency or Freelancer can put you on  which offers Paid Article option.  It is seen that his Entrepreneur article is posted by Monir Islam which himself is known for his own Fake PR Articles.  Btw the Entrepreneur Article that glorifies Mr. Spencer Vann is Sponsored and Paid. You can pay like $$$$ to Entrepreneur Asia Pacific and you can post anything you want.


Spencer Vann has really invested a lot of in Promoting himself in form of Fake Paid PR Articles.

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